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2017-12-07 - 2018-01-31
The first disrupting home rental platform powered by blockchain, AI, big data with utility tokens and advanced wallets. CryptoBnB is built on the power of CryptoDnA ™ - personalized smartcontracts that utilizes personal home rental information to enhance rental experiences for hosts and travellers. It is the first smart machine learning blockchain wallet that enhances trust levels from smartconstracts to keep learning about travelers and properties through AI and IPFS big data layer. CryptoBnB reduces renter’s property search time by predicting their preferences and enhance ROI for hosts and property owners through secure reviews and payments.Token Specs:Total CBnB Tokens 1 billion CBnBs1 ETH=9000 CBnB on exchange listing (target)Token pricing as per Tier ModelMinimum Cap 15,000 ETHHard Cap: 66000 ETHCBnB token is ERC20Participants wallets must be ETH ERC20 compatible

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CryptoBnB ICO Review & Analysis:

CryptoBnb is an online marketplace that improves people’s travel experience. The short-term rental business has an enormous impact on today’s economy.

Right now, travelers are likely to use Airbnb as a rental service. There are issues with Airbnb centralized business model. Airbnb also appears to have boundaries. So, a team of developers has seen the perspective to improve the travel experience through the use of blockchain technologies.

Simply put, CryptoBnb matches homeowners with short-term tenants using artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, and extensive data. CryptoBnb offers a smart, personalized and transparent experience for homeowners and tenants. The platform enhances search results to help users locate the best vacation rentals according to their needs.

CryptoBnb strives to improve the P2P rental market, by providing an efficient rental platform. The Platform will be built on a unique technology that combines u-port service and an integrated search engine.

CryptoBnb emerges from CryptoDNA technology – a technology that enhances the ROI of homeowners while renters find tailored search results, and verified properties without tenant discrimination.

Simply put, CrytoBnb allows guest to locate the best vacation rentals and also enables landlords to accept cryptocurrency for bookings.

How Does CryptoBnB ICO Work?

CryptoBnb aims to resolve the gaps in today’s rental platform and improve blockchain users experience. It utilizes its tool to help renters easily rent better properties.

CryptoBnb Platform functions as P2P smart contracts and an intelligent access blockchain powered by “IPFS.” The platform also integrates search engines with big data and AI.

nt-family: 'Times New Roman', serif;">CryptoBnb Intelligent search engine differentiates it from other existing travel platforms. The search engine links to the blockchain technology that takes into account transaction history, user preferences and actions of other travelers to produce a perfect result for each traveler.

The CryptoDNA wallet enables users to interact with the CryptoBnb platform recording the user’s history, preferences, Identity, token balances, and ratings.

CryptoBnb P2P smart contracts permit the company to up-sell customers. Moreso, you can pay for bookings using the CBNB token. The smart contract will be created on the EVM – Ethereum machine.

The CryptoBnB ICO

CBNB has a supply of 1 billion tokens. The tokens are built on the Ethereum blockchain. The tokens are for available for users to pay for rentals

The tokens will be available as follows: 60%.during the ICO, 12.5 % for the team, 15% as a reserve fund, 5% for the advisors, 5% for bounties and bonuses. The ICO is scheduled to start on January 15, 2018

CryptoBnb is based in Dubai. UAE led by an entrepreneur, business strategist, and industrialist. The CEO graduated from Kellogg School of management. CryptoBnb plans to charge 2 – 3 % fee for each transaction.


CryptoBnb is building a short-term tenant smart matching marketplace. The marketplace aims to improve on other travel experience such as Airbnb. By offering better flexibility, lower fees, and better search results. The new technology will allow P2P transaction and remove the need for an escrow service. CryptoBnb ICO will allow travelers to select homes that fit their requirements. Blockchain with the AI algorithm will generate matches between tenants and homeowners with almost no transaction fee.

. The platform has a mobile app for Android and IOs.

Token Symbol: CBNB

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in your Verified page you saying 1ETH=9000 Listing target on exchange and in white paper says 1ETH=3000
which one is correct and listing target means Market value of token?

Tariq Alwahedi


we have updated our whitepaper to reflect the ever fluctuating ETH price. now the our CKey is pegged to the $US @.08/CKey

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