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Team: 6.3

Feasibility: 6.1

Product: 6.1

Overall Rating: 6.17

Short Description: There’s no all-in-one platform where traders can exchange cryptocurrencies, borrow loans, use prepaid card services and copy trade skills, P2P Loan service and payment gateway.

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Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency


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Covex is launching first all in one digital platform where crypto traders get service of exchange, margin trading, P2P loan service and payment getaway service. Other words This is first crypto trading platform which proved all in one crypto related trading facilities. Covex also give opportunity to all coin holder to be parts of its fees distribution model. So We are asking you to participate in our token sale programme and get opportunity to be the part of this new generation all in one platform. By reading this document or any part thereof, you represent and permit CoVEX and the CoVEX team members as follows: -

a) You acknowledge that:

• CoVEX tokens may be value-less;

• There is no assurance or representation of value or liquidity attached to the CoVEX tokens;

• CoVEX tokens are not offered for speculative purposes; and

• None of the CoVEX and/or the CoVEX staff shall be held responsible for or will be liable for the value of the CoVEX tokens, their transfer-ability and/or liquidity and/or the availability to any market via third parties or otherwise.

b) In any decision to trade in CoVEX tokens or participation in airdrop, you have not banked on any information spelled out this document;

c) You admit, understand and agree that this document and the CoVEX ICO shall not be deemed as any advice, statement or suggestion of the benefits of CoVEX and/or the CoVEX ICO;

d) The information provided herein is confidential and cannot be distributed to others without the prior written consent of CoVEX;

e) In case you buy the CoVEX tokens, you will and shall at your own expense make sure you comply with all laws, regulatory obligations and limitations relevant in any jurisdiction (as the case may be); and

f) You acknowledge that you are not eligible to buy any CoVEX tokens if you are a US citizen or resident, or citizen or resident of the, People Republic of China, Republic of Singapore and any other countries where embargoed and Sanctioned set by the UK.

g) All the statements contained herein, statements made via press releases or in any place accessible by the public and other oral statements which may be made by CoVEX and/or the CoVEX staff may only constitute forward-looking statements. This may include, but not limited to statements of intention, beliefs or current expectations with regard to market conditions, business strategies and plans, financial expectations, specific requirements and risk management practices.

h) CoVEX token is trade-able inside the CoVEX Platfrom, reward will be only given to token holders if they use CoVEX Platfrom, as a Point of Stake (POS). CoVEX Token holding outside the platform disqualified the fee/commission/discount allocation, will forbidden to trade/exchange outside the CoVEX .

i) We are designing and developing our Payment Gateway, P2P Loan and Prepaid card service. We have not applied licence in any judiciary and authorize agency. But we will find and apply licence in best judiciary for your Payment Gateway, P2P Loan and Prepaid card service. Covex only accept ETH.

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