Coupti ICO

Our Analysis

Team: 6.5

Feasibility: 6.5

Product: 6.5

Overall Rating: 6.5

Short Description: Coupit is a decentralized incentive platform that utilizes the NEO blockchain, thereby reducing third party interaction while providing a transparent operational system.

Category: Other

Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency


Coupit marketplace UI (User-Interface) and UE (User- Experience) are designed in a way that gives significant accessibility and incentives to both the businesses and users registered under the Coupit platform. The platform uses special API’s to enable speed and efficiency in all interactions and transactions made on the platform. Traditional payment methods (e.g., Visa/Master Card) will be an option, with top cryptocurrencies also added in due course. Certain programs, such as the affiliate program and loyalty program, rely on smart contract technology in order to be utilized. In cases where non-smart contract payments are used, those benefits may not be accessible. Businesses and users using the Coupit token will realize substantial ease of use and rewards for holding tokens on the system. We are passionate about making business exposure and loyalty programs easy for everyone.

Coupit token

Coupit token can be used to send tokens to Coupit members or make payments through smart contracts initiated by users on the Coupit platform and beyond. Within the Coupit marketplace members will be able to gift, pay for services, and buy products from the Coupit marketplace.

Problems solved by Coupit

The problem of broken affiliate programs

The problem of trust and reputation

Expensive and Long payment process

Poor loyalty programs

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