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Cointed is building a bridge between the cryptocurrency world and the real world. Even though cryptocurrencies have brought a whole new dimension in creating value,

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2017-11-19 - 2018-02-28
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Cryptocurrencies are being adopted by businesses every day. Cryptocurrency has created more value than traditional currency. However, some customers crave to change their currencies into fiat money. In simple terms, how do you convert Cryptocurrency into a real-world currency? Cointed coin is the answer


COINTED ICO is a multi-service provider that offers multi-currency debit card service, cloud mining operations, and exchange services. Their primary goal is for customers to convert their cryptocurrency into fiat currencies.

Cointed focuses on transforming the Analog world of cryptocurrency into the digital world.

In simple terms, Cointed has strived to make the abstract world of cryptocurrency available to the average user through the use of CRYPTO-ATMS.

Cointed ICO aims at dealing with four main sectors. The exchange contains different market analysis tool to convert ETC, XMR, Bitcoins, LTC, DASH, ZEC into EUR and DOLLARS.

Cointed ICO holds multiple hydro-powered mining and wind farms in Australia and Sweden. We are all aware that cryptocurrency mining consumes lots of electricity. COINTED MINING is here to eliminate the high electricity bills from mining.

Customers pay a postage fee, while COINTED keeps all the hardware equipment at their power stations. They have specialized containers to handle shipping for great hardwares. COINTED operations provide cooling solutions with low maintenance.

COINTED has integrated a PAYCO payment system via an API (ships with a hardware solution for fast payment) into its online cash system. The payment system allows merchants to accept cryptocurrencies as a method of payment.

Right now, Cointed has cryptocurrencies BTM in 70 locations across Europe for customers to convert their cryptocurrency to fiat currencies.

Cointed users can make payments without converting their cryptocurrency into fiat currency. The system automatically deducts the equivalent amount from the customers’ wallet, according to the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency exchange.

The platform has more than 15,000 users and operates two 400GH/s crypto-mining farms in two countries.

COINTED has taken their innovation further as they issue out debit card for online shopping– A convenient way to change cryptocurrency into fiat currencies. Cointed is well suited to gain footholds in the European market.

Cointed has a transparent roadmap with self-set goals. They already offer a wide variety of blockchain services.


Cointed token holders will benefit from cointed’s products and services and have access to their wares for discounts fees. The wares include

15% discount on ATMs for partners

Software licensing for partners

5% lower hosting fees

10% discount on all products and merchandise

15% discount for regular mining rigs

20% lower prices for partners

Platforms with up to 25% additional MH/s excl

15% discount on the point of sale hardware

Free limited Black Edition for early investors

5% profit sharing

Cointed ico is currently on ands will last until February 28th, 2018. The purpose of the Initial coin offering is to present their idea to the public. The available ICO token is 650,000,000. Residents from China, Us, AND Hong Kong are excluded from the ICO. Contributions are only available in ETH.

Token Symbol: CTD

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