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Coal Coin
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COAL COIN – Is a derivative of the blockchain concept, at the core of which lies real products.

ICO Ended
2018-07-02 - 2018-08-12
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

A cryptocurrency token is offered at the ICO to attract investments and more progressive development of the project. Thanks to COAL COIN, you invest in the design and development of a strip mine in the Kemerovo region. In the hands of investors will be a really high-yield asset, which in the near future after the end of the ICO will be released on the exchange and provide a real income.Our goal is to create a new economic system for the coal industry that allows entrepreneurs and private individuals to participate in the creation of a new technological economy with a view to producing a profit.Each Coal Coin token is tied to a ton of coal and the US dollar. This is a kind of insurance for investments with a certain amount of tangible products. The combination of a real product with a virtual token for the benefit of investment raising is a new influence in the economy, which has proven itself in the modern market.With each investor (at the request of the investor himself) an Investment Compact will be concluded that can count on the deposit provided by the contract and the Smart contract. Supporting the blockchain technologies, we believe that we will become part of global changes. And we are sure that we will provide income for our investors. We do not believe in non-realistic scenarios. This is a real investment. In a real tangible product, with a real team of specialists, in real land, rich in coal.

Token: Coal Coin (CLC) ERC20 0x7ae58FCffAC52490ef7610AAe674cF6d99606d19

Smart Contract 0xc974B426280DFE60C00E1c6456E4cC5d46afDE22


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