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Team: 99
ICO Feasability: 94
Product: 94
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2017-11-18 - 2018-03-31
ClearCoin is a technology company that powers the real-time buying and selling of advertising on decentralized applications and the broader digital environment. ClearCoin Currently accepts all Major Fiat and 75+ Cryptocurrencies. ClearCoin (CLR) ERC20 TokenTotal Supply: 1,000,000,000 (1 billion)Starting Price: $0.01 per tokenToken price increases are every 3 days based on supply & demand

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ClearCoin ICO Review & Analysis:

About ClearCoin

ClearCoin’s global advertising exchange technology built on top of blockchain is a bold solution to the aforementioned problems. The global advertising exchange connects advertisers and publishers and tracks all transactions in a proof-of-history ledger. The proof-of-history ledger is built on blockchain and helps combat ad fraud and inaccuracies.

The ClearCoin token is used to transact on the platform and can be used to support other members of the ecosystem like advertisers and publishers. The token

is built on Ethereum blockchain while ClearCoin’s advertising exchange blockchain is independent. The ClearCoin ad platform accepts CLR tokens as a form of payment.

The ClearCoin global advertising exchange will serve up key ad formats like Display, Mobile, Video, Native, Social, Audio, Television, Content, and Search. The technology will support other companies in the ecosystem such as Marketers, Brands, Agencies, Ad Networks, Publishers, Publisher Networks, Demand Side Platforms, Supply Side Platforms, and Data Providers.

Token Symbol: CLR

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I just bought into this ICO. The leadership looks amazing

Douglas Lyons

not a good idea..

Douglas Lyons

I am not entirely sure who rated this project, but a collective of experts has pretty much determined this to be more than likely a scam or at very best a bad investment.

Douglas Lyons
Here is how the CEO reacts to a negative evaluation. Its also worth mentioning that this was sent to a number of people. This is a legal notice regarding the rating you published on ICO Bench regarding Oath Capital Inc.’s (dba ClearCoin) business operations. Your posting is in direct violation of trade libel laws. Given you have no relationship to being a user or customer in the business, you have published a rating that is without merit and does not reflect the core operations of ClearCoin or its business practices. To avoid further enforcement action, including but not limited to,… Read more »
Daniel Hill
This statement was not only a sign of dedication and commitment to protect its brand as well all the investers involved. Opinions are just that and should never be rated in the lowest value across the board. This initial rating not only has potential harm but shows the character of that individual that should never review anything in the near future. What is the most concerning about his review is the reviews following . 1 1 1 1 across the board making childish comments with no real reviews .. I’m sure that we all can respect those ones that did… Read more »

Clearcoin is a great project coming into the market at the right time! Strong team and vision will make this a great Ico in 2018. These tokens make early investors great money!!

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