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CurveBlock (CBUK) Security Token Offering ICO
CurveBlock (CBUK)
Verified ICO
A p2p real estate project development platform
Paradise Token (PDT) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
Paradise Token
Verified ICO
Direct global hotel bookings powered by dapps
Nitecrawler (NCRL) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
Nitecrawler (NCRL)
Verified ICO
Platform for booking hotels and homes in one place
Aassio (AAS) Token Sale ICO
Aassio (AAS)
Verified ICO
Blockchain-based platform providing access to real estate investment
Travelvee (TRAVEL) Token Sale ICO
Travelvee (TRAVEL)
Verified ICO
A platform for tourism, travel and booking aimed at the unoccupied sector
BrikBit (BRIK) Token Sale ICO
BrikBit (BRIK)
Verified ICO
Lisk-based blockchain ecosystem for developing and managing real estate industry operations
BlockEstate (BEAT) Token Sale ICO
BlockEstate (BEAT)
Verified ICO
Tokenized real estate fund using predictive analytics to drive returns
Chelle Coin (CHL) Token Sale ICO
Chelle Coin
Verified ICO
Blockchain-powered real estate ecosystem
eLocations (eLOC) Token Sale ICO
eLocations (eLOC)
Verified ICO
The world’s most comprehensive commercial real estate database powered by blockchain
Burgerdock Token ICO
Burgerdock Token
Verified ICO
Burgerdock is fully operational fastfood company. With the help of the ico...
Further Network ICO
Further Network
Verified ICO
Further network is blockchain based p2p network to help travel industry complete...
ClearCost ICO
Verified ICO
Www. Clearcost. Io is a global project with its mission reflected in the name...
TemboCoin ICO
Verified ICO
Tembocoin is a proudly proprietary technology that offers compliant, secure, affordable and...
BlueGold – Blockchain Cuises & Events ICO
BlueGold –
Verified ICO
Bluegold wants to become the next reference currency for blockchain events. In...
GOeureka ICO
Verified ICO
Goeureka is a travel tech company utilizing blockchain technology to build a...
DeskBell Chain ICO
DeskBell Chain
Verified ICO
Blockchain project deskbell chain is based on the existing deskbell service, which...
Verified ICO
Airstayz™is an existing platform pioneering the blockchain travel sector with the release...
Abeona ICO
Coin for travel abeona is a cryptocurrency; the settlement unit of the...
AirPod ICO
Verified ICO
Airpod is introducing the future of the travel and napping industries.
Ticko. Io is the first decentralized platform for the airline industry that combines...
TravelerToken ICO
Verified ICO
Travelertoken - blockchain based payment system for the travel industry which minimizes costs...
CoinTour ICO
Verified ICO
Our project can help you as quickly as possible and easily plan...
Verified ICO
Decentralized marketplace for travelers and suppliers!
MeetnGreetMe ICO
Verified ICO
Meetngreetme is a global platform for delivering personalized travel services from locals...
Verified ICO
Genesis is an international real estate fund and multifunctional operating platform created...
Boocash ICO
Verified ICO
Boocash is a true game changer in the $500 billion worth online...
Travelkoin ICO
Verified ICO
A software platform for the travel industry
Real Land ICO
Real Land
Verified ICO
Real land (rld) is world’s first ipo on ethereum smart-contracts. Rld will...

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