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MedicoHealth (MHP) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
MedicoHealth (MHP)
Verified ICO
Doctor-patient environment based on the blockchain
Farasha (FLB) Token Sale ICO
Farasha (FLB)
Verified ICO
A smart solution for cardiovascular disease monitoring and prevention
Gainfy (GAIN) Token Sale ICO
Gainfy (GAIN)
Verified ICO
Healthcare with blockchain, ai and iot
Zuenchain (ZUE) Token Sale ICO
Zuenchain (ZUE)
Verified ICO
A total wellness blockchain platform
Verified ICO
Digipharm uses blockchain technology to enable fair pricing in healthcare
Stem Cell Coin (SCC) Token Sale ICO
Stem Cell
Verified ICO
Providing a long, vigorous life to more people
Curaizon (CuraToken) ICO
Curaizon (CuraToken)
Verified ICO
Improving healthcare, reducing costs, saving lives

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