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ToKoin (TOKO) Token Sale ICO
ToKoin (TOKO)
Verified ICO
A platform for sme businesses to accelerate growth
Ahrvo DEEX (RVO) Token Sale ICO
Ahrvo DEEX
Verified ICO
An ai-powered stock market
Blueshare (BST) Security Token Offering ICO
Blueshare (BST)
Verified ICO
Tokenized shares in a swiss mining venture
AssetStream (AST) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
AssetStream (AST)
Verified ICO
A blockchain-based microfinance platform
Crypto Birds (XCB) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
Crypto Birds
Verified ICO
A collaborative platform for the rating of icos and blockchain projects
Volum (VLM) Token Sale & Blockchain Project ICO
Volum (VLM)
Verified ICO
A blockchain-based holding company to help businesses scale
Bitrus (BTRS) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform Review ICO
Bitrus (BTRS)
Verified ICO
A blockchain-based platform for users to invest in growing crypto markets.
xCrypt (XCT) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
xCrypt (XCT)
Verified ICO
Crypto ecosystem compliant with securities
VTrade (VTRD) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
VTrade (VTRD)
Verified ICO
A digital asset exchange and venture accelerator
STIPS FinTech (STIPS) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
Verified ICO
A decentralized crypto-finance ecosystem for smart investing and asset management based on...
Membrana (MBN) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform Review ICO
Membrana (MBN)
Verified ICO
Platform for trust management of digital assets
Crypto Wine Exchange (CWEX) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
Crypto Wine
Verified ICO
Decentralized fine wine trading on blockchain technology
iCumulate (ICU) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
iCumulate (ICU)
Verified ICO
Semi-decentralized social investing platform
Loanbyte (LBYT) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform Project ICO
Loanbyte (LBYT)
Verified ICO
Loanbyte is a p2p lending and investments platform
Whisky Token (WHY) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform Project ICO
Whisky Token
Verified ICO
Combining high-end whisky portfolios with blockchain technology
Neuronx (NXBT) Token Sale & Platform Listing ICO
Neuronx (NXBT)
Verified ICO
Ai-based platform for trading cryptocurrency
Qobit (QOBI) Token Sale ICO
Qobit (QOBI)
Verified ICO
Social trading and investment platform for the crypto world
EZ25Coin (EZC) Token Sale ICO
EZ25Coin (EZC)
Verified ICO
Platform to create ustom cryptocurrencies with added values
Icovo (OVO) Token Sale ICO
Icovo (OVO)
Verified ICO
An ico platform implementing daico (TFIO) Token Sale ICO (TFIO)
Verified ICO
An investment fund using ai to analyze key information
Raido Financial (RF) Token Sale ICO
Raido Financial
Verified ICO
Global fintech ecosystem with wallet, exchange & ico processing
Dsion (DSN) Token Sale ICO
Dsion (DSN)
Verified ICO
Blockchain platform for startup funding
Hedge (HEDG) Token Sale ICO
Hedge (HEDG)
Verified ICO
A platform designed for crypto trading, predictions, analysis & education
One Solution (OSF) Token Sale & ICO Review ICO
One Solution
Verified ICO
Decentralized fund for investments in icos which is administered by the community...
Bahiti (BHI) Token Sale & ICO Review ICO
Bahiti (BHI)
Verified ICO
A new, easily obtainable form of crypto investment for everyone
ASGARD (ASG) Eco Fund Token Sale & ICO Review ICO
Verified ICO
A decentralized crypto ecological fund providing funding for environmental tasks
Ixircoin (IXIR) Token Sale & ICO Review ICO
Ixircoin (IXIR)
Verified ICO
Platform to use both fx and betting markets simultaneously
Securix (SRXIO) Token Sale ICO
Securix (SRXIO)
Verified ICO
Passive income from crypto mining
Xtock (XTX) Token Sale ICO
Xtock (XTX)
Verified ICO
Otc market finance network platform
First Investment (FITX) Token Sale ICO
First Investment
Verified ICO
Consolidating stock and crypto markets
Gemera (GEMA) Token Sale ICO
Gemera (GEMA)
Verified ICO
Crypto token backed by colombian emeralds
Cindx (CINX) Token Sale ICO
Cindx (CINX)
Verified ICO
Crypto asset management hub
Carat (CARAT) Token Sale ICO
Carat (CARAT)
Verified ICO
A financial market for diamonds
Delta-X (DLX) Token Sale ICO
Delta-X (DLX)
Verified ICO
A blockchain coin with fiat liquidity linked as security
Filo (FILO) Token Sale ICO
Filo (FILO)
Verified ICO
Connecting real time services in singapore and asia
Ledgity (LTY) Token Sale ICO
Ledgity (LTY)
Verified ICO
Liquidity for securities powered by blockchain technology (TPX) Token Sale ICO (TPX)
Verified ICO
Cryptocurrency exchange with loss compensation and profit distribution between token holders
Pumpkin (PMK) Token Sale ICO
Pumpkin (PMK)
Verified ICO
Creating a connection between small business owners and investors
Peculium (PCL) Token Sale ICO
Peculium (PCL)
Verified ICO
Savings and investment platform for cryptocurrency
Virtuse Exchange (VIRT) Token Sale ICO
Virtuse Exchange
Verified ICO
Cryptocurrency and financial assets in one platform
W12 (W12) Token Sale ICO
W12 (W12)
Verified ICO
An open protocol for creation of various types of daos
BitsApp (BATC) Token Sale ICO
BitsApp (BATC)
Verified ICO
Investing in the startup entrepreneur dream
Verified ICO
All-in-one platform for digital currency
LongCoin (LONG) Token Sale ICO
LongCoin (LONG)
Verified ICO
Portfolio of promising assets on traditional and crypto markets
Coindaily (DAILY) Token Sale ICO
Coindaily (DAILY)
Verified ICO
Primary market integrated service platform for blockchain projects
Gigzi (GZB) Token Sale ICO
Gigzi (GZB)
Verified ICO
A financial system that delivers security, stability, and wealth protection on the...
Verified ICO
The first exchange you can really own
Coinolix (CLX)Token Sale ICO
Coinolix (CLX)Token
Verified ICO
A pure cryptocurrency exchange and a fiat pegged cryptocurrency solution
Verified ICO
Tokenai is an on-demand crypto market and portfolio analysis platform, driven by...
Verified ICO
The main issue of developing countries’ economies is an imperfect legal base...
Verified ICO
Cyber Capital Invest ICO
Cyber Capital
Verified ICO
Cyber capital invest is an online investment fund platform, aimed at people...
Zapcash (ZPC) ICO
Zapcash (ZPC)
Verified ICO
Decentralized lending platform
108 Token ICO
108 Token
Verified ICO
108 token provides a diversified, low-cost and simplified exposure to the burgeoning...
Trecento Blockchain Capital ICO
Trecento Blockchain
Verified ICO
All-in-one blockchain investment solution
Quantler ICO
Verified ICO
Quantler is an ecosystem for creating, analyzing, sharing and running of decentralized...
Bitfair ICO
Verified ICO
Traders on the bitfair platform will be able to place orders for...
Kryptoin ETFs:  Decentralized ETF Systems ICO
Kryptoin ETFs:
Verified ICO
The kryptoin etf system is a patent-pending platform that enables a digital...
The evermarkets exchange (emx) is re-imagining the cryptocurrency trading landscape, giving crypto...
CryptoArb ICO
Verified ICO
Cryptotob is a unique investment platform that draws income from arbitration. ICO
Verified ICO
We have few "methodes of making money " and from this profits...
Honeycomb ICO
Verified ICO
Honeycomb is the crypto token intended to buy and sell only. The...
Dimensions Network ICO
Dimensions Network
Verified ICO
Dimensions network is designed to bring hassle-free and more effective trading to...
Payment Solutions International (PSI) ICO
Payment Solutions
Verified ICO
Fintech powering the future of fair lending in emerging market economies.
Jinbi Token ICO
Jinbi Token
Verified ICO
Jinbi is a clear, transparent and fully audit-able peer-to-peer platform built on...
HireMatch (HIRE) ICO
HireMatch (HIRE)
Verified ICO
Decentralized blockchain employment marketplace
KachingCoins ICO
Verified ICO
We are building the most sustainable and most complete trading and investment...
Verified ICO
Veroneum creates technology to facilitate and expand the ecosystem through exchange service,...
Daox ICO
Daox is the ecosystem and platform for fundraising daos
GlobaliPay ICO
Verified ICO
Even though the internet has completely revolutionized the way we live and...
Dakuce Exchange ICO
Dakuce Exchange
Verified ICO
Hong kong-based, dakuce exchange is aspiring to be one of the largest...
Verified ICO
Trading revolution.
HyperQuant ICO
Verified ICO
Hyperquant is a professional platform for automated crypto trading, asset management and...
Lovar ICO
Lovarartificial intelligence investment platform
Pavocoin ICO
Verified ICO
Pavo provides an intelligent, state-of-the-art, iot blockchain solution for the global agriculture...
Lili ICO
Lili is an already prototyped autonomous and decentralized blockchain ecosystem that puts...
Idap (IDAP) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
Idap (IDAP)
Verified ICO
A complete crypto derivatives exchange.
CoTrader ICO ICO
CoTrader ICO
Verified ICO
Cotrader aims to become the world’s largest investment funds and trading marketplace...
Carboneum ICO
Verified ICO
Carboneum is building the open infrastructure for investment knowledge sharing with revolutionary...
Crystal Token ICO
Crystal Token
Verified ICO
Crystal token is a cryptocurrency token innovating the field of smart investments...
Verified ICO
Smarter than crypto (“stc”) is the world’s first cryptocurrency-only smarter than beta...
Crowdshare Mining ICO
Crowdshare Mining
Verified ICO
New generation, eco-friendly tokens for people who think and believe like us...
CRWD Network ICO
CRWD Network
Verified ICO
Crwd networkcrwd network is a decentralized network protocol for issuing and managing...
HexCash ICO
Verified ICO
2017’s crypto frenzy landed attracted all kinds of investment programs guaranteeing unmatched...
Spiking (SPIKE) ICO
Spiking (SPIKE)
Verified ICO
The spiking platform will help traders to follow whales in the cryptocurrency...
HeliosCoin ICO
Verified ICO
The crypto-mining business model is largely dependent on energy sources.
Advanced Miners ICO
Advanced Miners
Verified ICO
The mining market is in hands of several large companies. Advanced miners...
Kibi Coin ICO
Kibi Coin
Verified ICO
Lending platform
Zichain ICO
Verified ICO
Decentralized asset management
Coinpayo ICO
Verified ICO
Coinpayo envisions to be the paypal or paytm of the singapore market....
Crypton VC ICO
Crypton VC
Verified ICO
Crypton is a tokenized venture capital fund investing in promising fintech /...
Mandala ICO
Verified ICO
Mandala is a platform that will bring cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets to...
XGE token ICO
XGE token
Verified ICO
Hi, i would like to tell you about a new token sale,...
Uniworth Coin ICO
Uniworth Coin
Verified ICO
Uniworth coin (unix) is a secure, safe asset-backed cryptocurrency build on a...
CyberSmart coin ICO
CyberSmart coin
Verified ICO
Profit-sharing coin. We accept bitcoins. *cybersmart has a strong team of cryptographers...
Blockchain Terminal ICO
Blockchain Terminal
Verified ICO
Blockchain terminal bridges the gap between institutional investors and the unfamiliar cryptocurrency...
Foooz coin is the first collateralized coin with top 10 coin ,...
Powerloan Lending ICO
Powerloan Lending
Verified ICO
Powerloan is a crypto lending program which allow owners to earn interest...
Wirycoin ICO
Verified ICO
Wirycoin is a decentralized digital cash system that uses a peer-to-peer blockchain... ICO
Verified ICO
The all-in-one coin & app to secure, manage & exchange cryptocurrencies.
Quantor ICO
Verified ICO
Marketplace of investment algorithms and educational platform for cryptocurrency and traditional financial...
Trust Funding ICO
Trust Funding
Verified ICO
Tfc conducts crowdfunding by listing only excellent businesses in the trust funding...
Pool of Stake ICO
Pool of
Verified ICO
Pool of stake (psk) is a first of its kind, decentralized pool...
Global Spy ICO
Global Spy
Verified ICO
Spy is global investigator platform for cryptocurrency investors
Ivyn ICO
Ivyn project is a set of products made up of several free...
TrueGoldCoin ICO
Verified ICO
Promoted and backed by more than 1,800 hectares of gold mining rights
Savdroid ICO
Verified ICO
Savedroid creates a unique ai-fueled ecosystem of crypto saving and investing for...
Crystal Token ICO
Crystal Token
Verified ICO
Crystal token is a cryptocurrency token innovating the field of smart investments
Equadex ICO
Verified ICO
Equadex is a blockchain-based crypto-index fund that tracks the top 10 cryptocurrencies...
Goldiam ICO ICO
Goldiam ICO
Verified ICO
Goldiam is the future of gold and diamond mining on the blockchain.
Welltrado ICO
Verified ICO
4500+ peer to peer lending platforms. 10m+ loans. Powered by blockchain. One...
TrueGoldCoin ICO
Verified ICO
Truegoldcoin is the best investment! We hold titles for more than...
Emyron Coin ICO
Emyron Coin
Verified ICO
Emyron coin is the most secured decentralised self-regulated cryptocurrency and digital payment...
Kerberos Coin ICO
Kerberos Coin
Verified ICO
The kerberos coin is a startup altcoin only gpu mining company based...
DarbyBot ICO
Verified ICO
You can find everything here: https://www. Darbybot. Com/crypto-trading-bot-with-profit-sharing
Traderly ICO
Verified ICO
Traderly is a legally registered and tax compliant company.
Ice Rock Mining ICO
Ice Rock
Verified ICO
Commercial bitcoin mining. Passive income. Lifetime contract.
Investment Platform of Nigeria ICO
Investment Platform
Verified ICO
Nigeria investment platform is an internet resource that enables investors to participate...
Daneel ICO
Daneel's purpose is to bring data intelligence into the crypto jungle.
Verified ICO
Bitax coin is an open source blockchain based platform.
DarcMatter Coin ICO
DarcMatter Coin
Verified ICO
Darcmatter coin (dmc) will be used for a permissioned blockchain, and will...
Our mission is to support investors by providing benchmarks and data solutions...
Verified ICO
What is sphinx? Sphinx is an ethereum pure utility token, the world's...
ERC20Connect ICO
Verified ICO
Erc20connect is a platform where you can utilize our exclusive ai trading...
ICO HeadStart™ ICO
ICO HeadStart™
Verified ICO
When we started ico headstart™, our vision was and is to help...
Invest in Brokers ICO
Invest in
Verified ICO
Invest platform is a social trustless copy-trading platform enabling everyone to trade cryptocurrencies just...
Lavenir ICO
Verified ICO
Lavenir is a lending platform built on ethereum where people can loan...
Traderly ICO
Verified ICO
Traderly is a platform connecting investors with professional institutional level traders and...
Safinus (SAF) Token Sale ICO
Safinus (SAF)
Verified ICO
Connecting experienced investors, cryptofunds, and professional traders with beginner investors
Tokenlend ICO
Verified ICO
Tokenlend will give anyone across the globe the ability to invest in...
The only blockchain verified product reviews platform. Zapit is the need which...
Gold Bits Coin ICO
Gold Bits
Verified ICO
A trusted cryptocurrency
FIC Network ICO
FIC Network
Verified ICO
Fic network is a blockchain-based, end-to-end, decentralised fixed income assets network that...
TakeProfit ICO
Verified ICO
Take profit is the first aggregating platform of the most up-to-date information...
Hacspace Capital ICO
Hacspace Capital
Verified ICO
Please get acquainted with our whitepaper, it contains all the details -...
Jibrel ICO
Jibrel provides traditional financial assets such as currencies, commodities, debt instruments and...

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