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E-merging solutions for the blockchain and smart economy.
ShareRing ICO
Verified ICO
The world’s first trusted token for sharing services.
Decentralized Accessible Content Chain (DACC) ICO
Decentralized Accessible
Verified ICO
Decentralized accessible content (dac) is a platform that revolutionizes online content and...
Hubezoo ICO
Verified ICO
Unleash the power of quantum technology.
CargoCoin ICO
Verified ICO
Revolutionizing global trade and transport by decentralization
Global Risk Exchange ICO
Global Risk
Verified ICO
Global risk exchange (or "gre") is a blockchain based, decentralized global risk...
Planport ICO
Verified ICO
Procurement is one of the core sectors within the supply chain industry.
Smart City Enterprise ICO
Smart City
Verified ICO
Blockchain based tendering platform for smart technologies.
Investment Platform of Nigeria ICO
Investment Platform
Verified ICO
Nigeria investment platform is an internet resource that enables investors to participate...
Automotive eXchange Token ICO
Automotive eXchange
Verified ICO
Dashub is producing blockchain-based technology designed to enhance key elements of its...
ShareLock ICO
Verified ICO
Shock is the smartest bike lock ever. With our product we want...
ShareLock ICO
Verified ICO
Blockchain based electronic healthcare records. Cryptos accepted are btc/eth. Erc-20.
Whalesburg ICO
Verified ICO
Casper API ICO
Casper API
Verified ICO
Casper api is an infrastructure project for big data storage on any...
Elementh ICO
Verified ICO
Elementh is a blockchain designed for the e-commerce market.
FreeZone ICO
Verified ICO
Freezonethe world's first free crypto economic zone for starting and developing blockchain...
HydroCoin HYC ICO
HydroCoin HYC
Verified ICO
Hydrocoin will be the first cryptocurrency for the blockchain community empowering the...
CryptoKami ICO
Verified ICO
Hiroshi kobayashicryptokami was destined to make a third-age blockchain framework with the... ICO
Verified ICO
Vinchain is creating a worldwide blockchain database of used vehicle information that...
Neurochain ICO
Verified ICO
Based in paris, france (eu), the neurochain project unites many international experts...
Buron. Io is next generation cryptocurrency mining software.

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