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Blockium (BOK) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
Blockium (BOK)
Verified ICO
Financial gaming platform
LexRay (LEXR) Token Sale & Blockchain Project ICO
LexRay (LEXR)
Verified ICO
A decision-enabling mobile platform
DemBlock (Dbto1) Token Sale & Blockchain Project ICO
DemBlock (Dbto1)
Verified ICO
Decentralized electronic marketplace
RenewCash (RNC) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
RenewCash (RNC)
Verified ICO
A currency for people in tech-based business
LindaX (LX) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
LindaX (LX)
Verified ICO
Token development platform designed for business enterprises
Connect Coin (XCON) Token Sale & Platform Listing ICO
Connect Coin
Verified ICO
Global means of payment for goods & services
EZ25Coin (EZC) Token Sale ICO
EZ25Coin (EZC)
Verified ICO
Platform to create ustom cryptocurrencies with added values
NotaryChain (NOTC) Token Sale ICO
NotaryChain (NOTC)
Verified ICO
Electronic notary service provider
Exosis (EXO) Token Sale ICO
Exosis (EXO)
Verified ICO
A multifunctional cryptocurrency platform
Resto (RESTO) Token Sale ICO
Resto (RESTO)
Verified ICO
A global loyalty platform for foodservice establishments based on blockchain technology
Imagol (IMA) Token Sale ICO
Imagol (IMA)
Verified ICO
Digital, decentralized, blockchain stock library
GazelleFund (GZA) Token Sale ICO
GazelleFund (GZA)
Verified ICO
A crypto exchange with a utility token
Vion (VION) Token Sale & ICO Review ICO
Vion (VION)
Verified ICO
Developing modern cargo transportation infrastructure in the us
BoonsCoin (BSC) Token Sale & ICO Review ICO
BoonsCoin (BSC)
Verified ICO
Boons marketplace runs a thoroughly elaborated and unique business model that accommodates...
WhatsHalal (WHT) Token Sale & ICO Review ICO
WhatsHalal (WHT)
Verified ICO
A seamless halal food ecosystem
V-ID (VIDT) Token Sale & ICO Review ICO
Verified ICO
Ending document fraud with blockchain-powered validation
Fiii (Fii) Token Sale & ICO Review ICO
Fiii (Fii)
Verified ICO
Redefining how cryptocurrencies are used, processed and managed
MeliorAl (MEL) Token Sale ICO
MeliorAl (MEL)
Verified ICO
A research, development and solutions provider with its own machine learning &...
Crypt-ON (IPT) Token Sale ICO
Crypt-ON (IPT)
Verified ICO
Single infrastructure solution for crypto community
Intrachain (ICT) Token Sale ICO
Intrachain (ICT)
Verified ICO
Process mining software with integrated blockchain
Securix (SRXIO) Token Sale ICO
Securix (SRXIO)
Verified ICO
Passive income from crypto mining
Kikicoin (KIKI) Token Sale ICO
Kikicoin (KIKI)
Verified ICO
Business directory technology
Maester Protocol (MAP) Token Sale ICO
Maester Protocol
Verified ICO
Blockchain-based protocol to enable on-demand consulting
Ehalal (HAL) Token Sale ICO
Ehalal (HAL)
Verified ICO
Halal enterprise resource planning & supply chain management system
Farm2Kitchen (F2K) Token Sale ICO
Farm2Kitchen (F2K)
Verified ICO
Next generation food delivery value chain
Zuum (ZMC) Token Sale ICO
Zuum (ZMC)
Verified ICO
Ride-sharing and other on-demand services on blockchain
8gig (Po8) Token Sale ICO
8gig (Po8)
Verified ICO
Accelerating software development for digital transformation
Coineium (CNM) Token Sale ICO
Coineium (CNM)
Verified ICO
An investing platform that combines all trading tools
Pantercon (PANX) Token Sale ICO
Pantercon (PANX)
Verified ICO
A platform for startup founders to get capital without hurdles
Prime Shipping Foundation (PRIME) Token Sale ICO
Prime Shipping
Verified ICO
A payment ecosystem for shipping
LinkChain (LNK) Token Sale ICO
LinkChain (LNK)
Verified ICO
Secure supply chain sourcing on the blockchain
OmniBazaar (OmniCoin) Token Sale ICO
OmniBazaar (OmniCoin)
Verified ICO
E-commerce marketplace that removes middlemen and bankers
Lionstarter (LST) Token Sale ICO
Lionstarter (LST)
Verified ICO
Enabling digitalized retail commerce
Must Protocol (MUST) Token Sale ICO
Must Protocol
Verified ICO
An open source protocol of proof and transfer of rights to assets...
Pumpkin (PMK) Token Sale ICO
Pumpkin (PMK)
Verified ICO
Creating a connection between small business owners and investors
Voco (VOCT) Token Sale ICO
Voco (VOCT)
Verified ICO
A no-registration, always-on web chat and a decentralized referral system to disrupt...
Agro Stock Exchange (ASE) Token Sale ICO
Agro Stock
Verified ICO
Global multifunctional agro-industrial trading platform
TITA Project ICO
TITA Project
Verified ICO
The tita project is creating a decentralized network, its ecosystems are driving...
Remiit is a blockchain powered remittance and payment platform that connects various...
Rateonium ICO
Verified ICO
Idea a blockchain-based, anonymised customer-company review system operated via the rateonium platform.
Cloudbric (CLB) Token Sale ICO
Cloudbric (CLB)
Verified ICO
Changing the cybersecurity landscape with the power of blockchain
Tkeycoin DAO ICO
Tkeycoin DAO
Verified ICO
Tcd corporation (formerly holding br) — is an it company engaged in...
Exceed ICO
Exceed io is a decentralized data management platform powered by blockchain technology....
ICO CustomCoin Platform (CC) ICO
ICO CustomCoin
Verified ICO
The customcoin platform is aimed at people who are ready to start...
Citowise ICO
Verified ICO
Citowise already provides cryptocommunity with reliable and professional cryptocurrency wallet, fighting back...
sadas ICO
Subaj Global Network ICO
Subaj Global
Verified ICO
Subaj global network is a platform that allows merchants to create their...
Aussie Digital (AUD) ICO
Aussie Digital
Verified ICO
Rewriting the future of e-commerce on blockchain
Boomstarter.Network ICO
Verified ICO
The first global fundraising platform based on crypto, blockchain and smart contracts....
Review.Network ICO
Verified ICO
Network is a project that aims to create a unique trusted high-intelligence...
Streamity ICO
Verified ICO
The key element of streamity is streamdesk decentralized application for exchange of...
Instoken ICO
Verified ICO
Letsfair ICO
Verified ICO
What is letsfair? The goal of the letsfair project is to build...
DANS – Decentralised Advertising Network Service ICO
Verified ICO
Dans - decentralised advertising network service team is working together on a...
Mobu (MOBU) Token Sale ICO
Mobu (MOBU)
Verified ICO
Security token issuance protocol and licensed security token exchange
Data Science Coin ICO
Data Science
Verified ICO
The standard currency for data science projects & contracts
CVerification ICO
Verified ICO
Cverification is a blockchain-based recruitment and background verification platform.
ZeroBank (ZB) ICO
ZeroBank (ZB)
Verified ICO
Your local currency
Contractium Network ICO
Contractium Network
Verified ICO
We at contractium believe that in the near future major online business...
Subaj Global Network ICO
Subaj Global
Verified ICO
The subaj global network forms a unique global blockchain ecosystem for online/offline...
Eurocoinpay ICO
Verified ICO
What is eurocoinpay? It is the first investment platform that through blockchain...
Subaj Global Network ICO
Subaj Global
Verified ICO
The subaj global network forms a unique global blockchain ecosystem for online/offline...
LookRev (LOOKS)
Verified ICO
Lookrev will change the way creative products are brought and sold forever.
Accounting Blockchain (TAB) ICO
Accounting Blockchain
Verified ICO ICO
Verified ICO
Open source fork of bitcoin
Efir (QZ) Token Sale ICO
Efir (QZ)
Verified ICO
Efir. Io is the first and only blockchain based international p2p marketplace that...
Monopoly ICO
Verified ICO
Monopoly is the first decentralized investment blockchain platform that allows you to...
BlockFollow Network ICO
BlockFollow Network
Verified ICO
Blockfollow is a brand new social platform, aiming to support cryptocurrencies getting...
Feedchain ICO ICO
Feedchain ICO
Verified ICO
Feedchain rely on a sophisticated stack of technology including mobile phones, high...
EkkBaz ICO
Ekkbaz, led by an ex-microsoft, will be developing baz protocol-a next-generation b2b...
Lunch Money ICO
Lunch Money
Verified ICO
Restaurant p. I. Is a platform that serves as a portal between local...
Zaza is a decentralized business platform and b2b network powered by blockchain...
Memority ICO
Verified ICO
Memority is the platform for a completely decentralized, ultra-secure storage of valuable...
Agrolot ICO ICO
Agrolot ICO
Verified ICO
Agrolot project is the decentralized platform on the b2b market for trading...
Ethereum Pink ICO
Ethereum Pink
Verified ICO
Ethereum pink is a standard erc20 token on the ethereum blockchain.
XenChain ICO
Verified ICO
With xenchain, we deploy enhanced user authentication mechanism which includes super intelligent...
BitStash ICO
Verified ICO
Bitstash is a peer to peer (p2p) crypto commerce marketplace which enables...
Altindex ICO
Verified ICO
Invest in altindex is to invest in the top 20 tokens of...
Hashrental ICO
Verified ICO
Hashrental - first decentralized hashing power marketplace
Qiibee (QBX) Token Sale ICO
Qiibee (QBX)
Verified ICO
Bringing loyalty programs to the blockchain
Zcnox ICO
Zcnox is a platform designed to enable anyone create ecommerce store without...
Ligo Ledger ICO
Ligo Ledger
Verified ICO
Ligo is set to be the industry standard as the first and...
Decem ICO
Low fees are one of the most important benefits of decem. But...
Verified ICO
An invitation to participate in the first ico internet exchange of the...
Lancer Network ICO
Lancer Network
Verified ICO
Lancer network is a decentralized freelance site for advertising and promotion of...
Lancer Network ICO
Lancer Network
Verified ICO
Lancer network is a decentralized freelance site for advertising and promotion of... (RWRD) ICO (RWRD)
Verified ICO
Rewards. Com is introducing a global marketplace that brings together over 100,000,000 products...
Kind Ads (KIND) ICO
Kind Ads
Verified ICO
Advertising without the irritating ads
Box2Table ICO
Verified ICO
Box2table inc. Is a technology startup, which provides food & beverage enterprises...
Börser ICO
Verified ICO
Börser is a cryptocurrency backed by shares of börser s. A, our holding...
Paygine ICO
Verified ICO
Paygine is an open financial platform designed to operate within its own...
BubbleTone ICO
Verified ICO
"blockchain in telecom” ecosystem provides direct interaction between end-users, mobile operators and...
Activity ICO
Verified ICO
The activity project will give us a platform where people will work...
Yodse ICO
Global ecosystem, directly connecting manufacturers and customers of industrial products our mission...
Activity ICO
Verified ICO
The activity project will give us a platform where people will work...
Talenthon ICO
Verified ICO
Talenthon is a uk based recruitment platform which aim is to disrupt...
Verified ICO
Dox. Network is a decentralized software-as-a-service(saas) api platform application based on block-chain. Our...
EvoChain ICO
Verified ICO
Evochain is an online cryptocurrency for visa swap platform using ethereum blockchain...
Cryptfunder ICO
Verified ICO
Cryptfunder (symbol: cfnd) is a decentralized funding source for startup icos and...
SurruS ICO
Surrus project is an innovative solution in the insurance industry based on...
Lumenus ICO
Verified ICO
We've built a platform to protect your precious data and document.
Dynatiq ICO
Verified ICO
Decentralized blockchain based marketplace for domains and websites
Ethereum Anonymizer ICO
Ethereum Anonymizer
Verified ICO
But for users who need anonymity, this platform is not suitable, since...
ProjectCoin PJR ICO
ProjectCoin PJR
Verified ICO
Projectereum - is a unique solution for investors, start-up companies and enterprenuers...
Talao is the first ethereum-based dao for talent, which introduces a unique...
Verified ICO
Gebe coin is a token solution unifying the gebe group businessreal live...
Xrt is the decentralized peer to peer erc-20 compatible token created by...
Aligatocoin (ALC) Token Sale ICO
Aligatocoin (ALC)
Verified ICO
The alicoin team is building a new blockchain-based commercial platform in the...
PingchainIO ICO
Verified ICO
With increasing complexity of application delivery chains it becomes harder for companies...
SurruS ICO
Surrus project is an innovative solution in the insurance industry based on...
Vikky ICO
Vikky is an application that allows you to advertise short term jobs,...
Innovative platform changing the rules of the game on the market of...
Scroll Token SCRL ICO
Scroll Token
Verified ICO
Scrl is the integral utility token for the scroll network. We provide...
Verified ICO
First system of decentralized cloud-based data storage
CredibleToken ICO
Verified ICO
Credibletoken is a decentralized platform for establishing and maintaining mobile device credibility.
Wixlar ICO
Wixlar is a global decentralized digital currency based on the blockchain technology...
CargoCoin ICO
Verified ICO
Cargocoin is designed to be a smart contract, crypto currency platform, decentralising...
Peur Marketplace ICO
Peur Marketplace
Verified ICO
The most effective, globally acknowledge and decentralized marketplace, payment gateway and payroll...
Eternal Trusts (ET) Token Sale ICO
Eternal Trusts
Verified ICO
Fiduciary services for the crypto world
Suite Autonomy ICO
Suite Autonomy
Verified ICO
Suite autonomy is a decentralized business class application suite built on ethereum's...
iOlite ICO
Iolite is an open-source, blockchain and machine learning platform, that allows anyone...
Devnetwork ICO
Verified ICO
Devnetwork creates global professional network, hr tool, community engagement, event management and...
YouRight | Blockchain Copyright World Bank ICO
YouRight |
Verified ICO
Youright is a blockchain copyright world bank which gives blockchain (telegram open...
DocTailor ICO
Verified ICO
Doctailor is a unique self customizing smart legal contract platform, that allows,...
Olxa is a cryptoasset backed up with crowd-projects and advanced services first...
DataBroker DAO ICO
DataBroker DAO
Verified ICO
Databroker dao unleashes the potential of currently inaccessible, low value data into...
Verified ICO
Paysura is providing the international payreward coin (ipc) as a worldwide uniform...
Upline ICO ICO
Upline ICO
Verified ICO
Upline is a simplified and duplicable solution for network marketing which is...
Dock ICO
Dock. Io is a decentralized data exchange protocol focused on transforming the $200...
GIG9 – Local Services. Global Opportunities. ICO
GIG9 –
Verified ICO
Gig9 is decentralized self-regulated freelance ecosystem, directly connecting service providers and consumers,...
Qcity ICO
Platform : bitcoinqcity continues to grow through independent business platform.
Dbrain ICO
Blockchain platform to turn raw data into ai for business
Ovato ICO
The multi-billion-dollar loyalty rewards industry currently suffers from fractures and frictions that...
Eitcoin ICO
Verified ICO
Eitcoin is a blockchain-based service aimed at solving a major issue of...
BeautiQ ICO
Verified ICO
Beautiq mission: helping small and medium sized manufacturers use modern big business solutions...
fynance ICO
Verified ICO
Fynance is a digital brokerage company within thegerman insurance industry. As an...
The Fabric Token Ecosystem ICO
The Fabric
Verified ICO
The fabric token ecosystem aims to help people and businesses in adopting...
REPU Platform ICO
REPU Platform
Verified ICO
Repu is a rating and feedback system based on decentralized blockchain technology.
Jazem ICO
The best cryptocurrency for person to person trade, waves and bitcoin are...
Hacspace Capital ICO
Hacspace Capital
Verified ICO
Please get acquainted with our whitepaper, it contains all the details -...
Requitix ICO
Verified ICO
Requitix is a better mobile ecommerce solution using the new requitix (rqx)...
LockTrip (LOC) Blockchain Platform ICO
LockTrip (LOC)
Verified ICO
A decentralized, open-source bookings ecosystem with 0% commissions

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