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ToKoin (TOKO) Token Sale ICO
ToKoin (TOKO)
Verified ICO
A platform for sme businesses to accelerate growth
CurveBlock (CBUK) Security Token Offering ICO
CurveBlock (CBUK)
Verified ICO
A p2p real estate project development platform
AssetStream (AST) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
AssetStream (AST)
Verified ICO
A blockchain-based microfinance platform
Blockium (BOK) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
Blockium (BOK)
Verified ICO
Financial gaming platform
Crypto Birds (XCB) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
Crypto Birds
Verified ICO
A collaborative platform for the rating of icos and blockchain projects
Nutrilifeio OÜ (NLC) Token Sale & Blockchain Project ICO
Nutrilifeio OÜ
Verified ICO
Decentralized platform for nutrition and preventive treatment/therapies.
Darch Network (DARCH) Token Sale & Blockchain Project ICO
Darch Network
Verified ICO
Decentralized architectural design and construction management network
LexRay (LEXR) Token Sale & Blockchain Project ICO
LexRay (LEXR)
Verified ICO
A decision-enabling mobile platform
DemBlock (Dbto1) Token Sale & Blockchain Project ICO
DemBlock (Dbto1)
Verified ICO
Decentralized electronic marketplace
MoCo (MoCo) Token Sale & Blockchain Project ICO
MoCo (MoCo)
Verified ICO
An anonymous social networking app with ar, vr and 3d capabilities
Volum (VLM) Token Sale & Blockchain Project ICO
Volum (VLM)
Verified ICO
A blockchain-based holding company to help businesses scale
Weave (WVR) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
Weave (WVR)
Verified ICO
A cryptocurrency for augmented and virtual reality
Canyudo (CYD) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
Canyudo (CYD)
Verified ICO
A distributed social tasking application
Payfrit RMS (PYT) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
Payfrit RMS
Verified ICO
A platform for seamless restaurant/vendor management
Medical Cannabis Coin (MCAN) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
Medical Cannabis
Verified ICO
Medical cannabis on the blockchain
Bitrus (BTRS) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform Review ICO
Bitrus (BTRS)
Verified ICO
A blockchain-based platform for users to invest in growing crypto markets.
MegaCryptoPolis 3D (MCP) Token Sale & Blockchain Project ICO
MegaCryptoPolis 3D
Verified ICO
Multiplayer game based on the ethereum blockchain.
ClinicAll (CHT) Initial Exchange Offering ICO
ClinicAll (CHT)
Verified ICO
Blockchain-based platform for integrating all healthcare services
YPTOspace (YPTO) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
YPTOspace (YPTO)
Verified ICO
A global ecosystem around cryptocurrency
HYGH (HYGH) Token Sale & Blockchain Project ICO
Verified ICO
A peer-to-peer advertising network and content management system
Pledgecamp (PLG) Token Sale & Blockchain Project ICO
Pledgecamp (PLG)
Verified ICO
A decentralized crowdfunding platform
Warrior Comics (WRT) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
Warrior Comics
Verified ICO
Blockchain-based animation tube and comic portal
3DAX (3DX) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
3DAX (3DX)
Verified ICO
Hybrid digital assets exchange
MediConnect (MEDI) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
MediConnect (MEDI)
Verified ICO
Patient prescription management on the blockchain
xCrypt (XCT) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
xCrypt (XCT)
Verified ICO
Crypto ecosystem compliant with securities
Guardian Gold (GGT) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
Guardian Gold
Verified ICO
Gold-backed digital currency on the blockchain
MyTVchain (MyTV) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
MyTVchain (MyTV)
Verified ICO
Blockchain-based web platform dedicated to sports clubs
VTrade (VTRD) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
VTrade (VTRD)
Verified ICO
A digital asset exchange and venture accelerator
VenjoCoin (VJC) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
VenjoCoin (VJC)
Verified ICO
Blockchain-based high value asset decentralized tracking and trading platform
RenewCash (RNC) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
RenewCash (RNC)
Verified ICO
A currency for people in tech-based business
Conjure (CJR) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
Conjure (CJR)
Verified ICO
An incentivized content platform with search models based on taxonomy
Biohal (PONX) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
Biohal (PONX)
Verified ICO
A platform to accelerate biotech breakthroughs with liquid biopsy research
Paradise Token (PDT) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
Paradise Token
Verified ICO
Direct global hotel bookings powered by dapps
Bitrus (BTRS) Token Sale & Exchange Platform ICO
Bitrus (BTRS)
Verified ICO
An exchange platform for crypto-fiat and crypto-crypto trading
GoWithMi (GMAT) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
GoWithMi (GMAT)
Verified ICO
Building decentralized location-based services on blockchain
JoyToken (JOY) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
JoyToken (JOY)
Verified ICO
A decentralized marketplace for wellness and beauty.
Nitecrawler (NCRL) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
Nitecrawler (NCRL)
Verified ICO
Platform for booking hotels and homes in one place
TerraGreen (TGN) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
TerraGreen (TGN)
Verified ICO
Blockchain-based renewable energy platform
STIPS FinTech (STIPS) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
Verified ICO
A decentralized crypto-finance ecosystem for smart investing and asset management based on...
Membrana (MBN) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform Review ICO
Membrana (MBN)
Verified ICO
Platform for trust management of digital assets
Lynchpin (LYN) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
Lynchpin (LYN)
Verified ICO
A token to solve critical problems in the development of cryptocurrencies
Crypto Wine Exchange (CWEX) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
Crypto Wine
Verified ICO
Decentralized fine wine trading on blockchain technology
More Stamps Global (MSG) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
More Stamps
Verified ICO
Price-competitive travel bookings on the blockchain
433 Token (433) Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
433 Token
Verified ICO
A blockchain platform to connect famous football players with fans and young...
MedicoHealth (MHP) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
MedicoHealth (MHP)
Verified ICO
Doctor-patient environment based on the blockchain
InnovaMinex (INX) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
InnovaMinex (INX)
Verified ICO
Platform for tracking origin through commercialization of precious metals
International Sky Group (ISG) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
International Sky
Verified ICO
Next generation global satellite communication system
iCumulate (ICU) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
iCumulate (ICU)
Verified ICO
Semi-decentralized social investing platform
WebSpaceX (WSPX) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
WebSpaceX (WSPX)
Verified ICO
Ai-powered data analysis technology platform
TradePlace (EXTP) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
TradePlace (EXTP)
Verified ICO
Global cryptocurrency exchange platform
Mycro (MYO) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform Listing ICO
Mycro (MYO)
Verified ICO
Blockchain platform for connecting job-hunters and local positions
Cryptune (CPTS) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform Listing ICO
Cryptune (CPTS)
Verified ICO
Point of sale ecosystem facilitating transactions with digital assets
Sovren Securities Trading (SVRN) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
Sovren Securities
Verified ICO
Blockchain platform for traditional and digital securities markets
Tourist Review Global (TRET) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform Project ICO
Tourist Review
Verified ICO
Authentic tourist reviews on a blockchain platform
BetInReal (BIR) Token Sale and Blockchain Platform Review ICO
BetInReal (BIR)
Verified ICO
Ar/vr gambling solution based on blockchain
Jarvis Exchange ICO
Jarvis Exchange
Verified ICO
Jarvis exchange is a licensed hybrid exchange providing fiat, crypto, stocks, &...
Versus Red (VSU) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
Versus Red
Verified ICO
Ecosystem for betting on games in real time
LindaX (LX) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
LindaX (LX)
Verified ICO
Token development platform designed for business enterprises
Ludos Protocol (LUD) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
Ludos Protocol
Verified ICO
A decentralized gaming economy
Loanbyte (LBYT) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform Project ICO
Loanbyte (LBYT)
Verified ICO
Loanbyte is a p2p lending and investments platform
Whisky Token (WHY) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform Project ICO
Whisky Token
Verified ICO
Combining high-end whisky portfolios with blockchain technology
Elisia (ELSA) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform Review ICO
Elisia (ELSA)
Verified ICO
A network that allows easy migration between dapp blockchain development platforms
Temco (TEMCO) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform Review ICO
Temco (TEMCO)
Verified ICO
A supply chain solution based on smart contracts
Fort Financial Crypto (FFCT) Token Sale & Project Listing ICO
Fort Financial
Verified ICO
Liquidity provider on the cryptocurrency market 
Neuronx (NXBT) Token Sale & Platform Listing ICO
Neuronx (NXBT)
Verified ICO
Ai-based platform for trading cryptocurrency
Connect Coin (XCON) Token Sale & Platform Listing ICO
Connect Coin
Verified ICO
Global means of payment for goods & services
Qobit (QOBI) Token Sale ICO
Qobit (QOBI)
Verified ICO
Social trading and investment platform for the crypto world
Azbit (AZ) Token Sale ICO
Azbit (AZ)
Verified ICO
Financial instruments with all kinds of assets in one platform
Bitwings (BWN) Token Sale ICO
Bitwings (BWN)
Verified ICO
A reliable and secure payment system
NAi Tecchnologies Europe Limited (NAi) Token Sale ICO
NAi Tecchnologies
Verified ICO
Blockchain-based artificial intelligence and wisdom of crowd for world financial markets
Billion (BLLN) Token Sale ICO
Billion (BLLN)
Verified ICO
Crypto wallet based on spv architecture & payment code id
Aassio (AAS) Token Sale ICO
Aassio (AAS)
Verified ICO
Blockchain-based platform providing access to real estate investment
QUBay (QUC) Token Sale ICO
Verified ICO
Decentralized virtual goods trading platform
TrustED (TED) Token Sale ICO
TrustED (TED)
Verified ICO
Greencoin (GNC) Token Sale ICO
Greencoin (GNC)
Verified ICO
Decentralized platform based on sustainable green systems
Betbox (OX) Token Sale ICO
Betbox (OX)
Verified ICO
Socializing, monetizing and decentralizing principles of betting and gambling
MinedBlock (MBTX) Token Sale ICO
MinedBlock (MBTX)
Verified ICO
Mining service platform
BitcoinMoon (BTCM) Token Sale ICO
BitcoinMoon (BTCM)
Verified ICO
Decentralized, open source digital currency for use in existing e-commerce applications
EZ25Coin (EZC) Token Sale ICO
EZ25Coin (EZC)
Verified ICO
Platform to create ustom cryptocurrencies with added values
Cycoin (CYCOIN) Token Sale ICO
Cycoin (CYCOIN)
Verified ICO
A platform to manage a basket of crypto assets & currencies
Verified ICO
Distributed cybersecurity for iot
AMOS (AMOS) Token Sale ICO
Verified ICO
Amos is a fitness technology solution, integrating distributed ai computing analysis and...
ImpalaCoin (ICN) Token Sale ICO
ImpalaCoin (ICN)
Verified ICO
Trade and transactional banking in africa and emerging markets
Gem4me Market Space (GMC) Token Sale ICO
Gem4me Market
Verified ICO
Global trading platform with integrated cryptofinance services
XMaterials (XMT) Token Sale ICO
XMaterials (XMT)
Verified ICO
Ai-generated recipes & machine-learning production for better construction materials
FidelityHouse (FIH) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform Review ICO
FidelityHouse (FIH)
Verified ICO
A platform to monetize and protect user-generated content throughout its lifecycle
Honest Mining (HNST) Token Sale ICO
Honest Mining
Verified ICO
Crypto mining that is easy and instant to join
WinMiner (BEE) Token Sale ICO
WinMiner (BEE)
Verified ICO
Platform delivering mining to the masses
NotaryChain (NOTC) Token Sale ICO
NotaryChain (NOTC)
Verified ICO
Electronic notary service provider
Exosis (EXO) Token Sale ICO
Exosis (EXO)
Verified ICO
A multifunctional cryptocurrency platform
Travelvee (TRAVEL) Token Sale ICO
Travelvee (TRAVEL)
Verified ICO
A platform for tourism, travel and booking aimed at the unoccupied sector
DataXchain (DXCT) Token Sale ICO
DataXchain (DXCT)
Verified ICO
Blockchain-based decentralized data trading service
BIZI-13 (BIZ) Token Sale ICO
Verified ICO
A blockchain-based streaming platform for african music, broadcast & e-commerce
Icovo (OVO) Token Sale ICO
Icovo (OVO)
Verified ICO
An ico platform implementing daico (TFIO) Token Sale ICO (TFIO)
Verified ICO
An investment fund using ai to analyze key information
Resto (RESTO) Token Sale ICO
Resto (RESTO)
Verified ICO
A global loyalty platform for foodservice establishments based on blockchain technology
Shipnext (SHPC) Token Sale ICO
Shipnext (SHPC)
Verified ICO
Blockchain-based logistics and supply chain ecosystem
EOSex (EXP) Token Sale ICO
Verified ICO
Exchange for the eos community
Ethereum Secure (ETHSecure) Token Sale ICO
Ethereum Secure
Verified ICO
Multi-decentralized ecosystem for privacy, instant payments & community coin
Raido Financial (RF) Token Sale ICO
Raido Financial
Verified ICO
Global fintech ecosystem with wallet, exchange & ico processing
ONAM (ONAM) Token Sale ICO
Verified ICO
Seamless trading under one global platform
Farasha (FLB) Token Sale ICO
Farasha (FLB)
Verified ICO
A smart solution for cardiovascular disease monitoring and prevention
Stoby (STB) Token Sale ICO
Stoby (STB)
Verified ICO
Platform to help students earn additional income
SocialPolis (SPL) Token Sale ICO
SocialPolis (SPL)
Verified ICO
A social and sustainable development economy coin
Brain Space (IMP) Token Sale ICO
Brain Space
Verified ICO
Protecting and providing access to intellectual property
Dsion (DSN) Token Sale ICO
Dsion (DSN)
Verified ICO
Blockchain platform for startup funding
Optherium (OPEX) Token Sale ICO
Optherium (OPEX)
Verified ICO
Global finance blockchain infrastructure for bankers
GYM Ledger (LGR) Token Sale ICO
GYM Ledger
Verified ICO
A health band with an integrated hardware wallet
Imagol (IMA) Token Sale ICO
Imagol (IMA)
Verified ICO
Digital, decentralized, blockchain stock library
Hedge (HEDG) Token Sale ICO
Hedge (HEDG)
Verified ICO
A platform designed for crypto trading, predictions, analysis & education
GazelleFund (GZA) Token Sale ICO
GazelleFund (GZA)
Verified ICO
A crypto exchange with a utility token
Neel Network (NEEL) Token Sale & ICO Review ICO
Neel Network
Verified ICO
The nexus between blockchains to shape a decentralized, transparent and secure world
Vion (VION) Token Sale & ICO Review ICO
Vion (VION)
Verified ICO
Developing modern cargo transportation infrastructure in the us
Emanate (EMANATE) Token Sale & ICO Review ICO
Emanate (EMANATE)
Verified ICO
Self-governing audio exchange protocol
Uris (URI) Token Sale & ICO Review ICO
Uris (URI)
Verified ICO
Cryptofunding for entrepreneurs
Jewel (JWL) Token Sale & ICO Review ICO
Jewel (JWL)
Verified ICO
Non-government-controlled digital currency that allows you to send money anywhere in the...
Parinita Bansode (PBC) Token Sale & ICO Review ICO
Parinita Bansode
Verified ICO
A reward-based, charitable marketplace, fundraising and philanthropic ecosystem
BoonsCoin (BSC) Token Sale & ICO Review ICO
BoonsCoin (BSC)
Verified ICO
Boons marketplace runs a thoroughly elaborated and unique business model that accommodates...
EVE Media Platform (EVE) Token Sale & ICO Review ICO
EVE Media
Verified ICO
A media ecological blockchain for unbundling baadd media
One Solution (OSF) Token Sale & ICO Review ICO
One Solution
Verified ICO
Decentralized fund for investments in icos which is administered by the community...
Swace (SWA) Token Sale & ICO Review ICO
Swace (SWA)
Verified ICO
Blockchain-based social gaming platform where users gain rewards for engaging with brands
WhatsHalal (WHT) Token Sale & ICO Review ICO
WhatsHalal (WHT)
Verified ICO
A seamless halal food ecosystem
IZIChain (IZI) Token Sale & ICO Review ICO
IZIChain (IZI)
Verified ICO
Blockchain platform for capital connections
RENC (RENC) Token Sale & ICO Review ICO
Verified ICO
P2p car-sharing platform
V-ID (VIDT) Token Sale & ICO Review ICO
Verified ICO
Ending document fraud with blockchain-powered validation
Fiii (Fii) Token Sale & ICO Review ICO
Fiii (Fii)
Verified ICO
Redefining how cryptocurrencies are used, processed and managed
Bahiti (BHI) Token Sale & ICO Review ICO
Bahiti (BHI)
Verified ICO
A new, easily obtainable form of crypto investment for everyone
ASGARD (ASG) Eco Fund Token Sale & ICO Review ICO
Verified ICO
A decentralized crypto ecological fund providing funding for environmental tasks
Ixircoin (IXIR) Token Sale & ICO Review ICO
Ixircoin (IXIR)
Verified ICO
Platform to use both fx and betting markets simultaneously
MeliorAl (MEL) Token Sale ICO
MeliorAl (MEL)
Verified ICO
A research, development and solutions provider with its own machine learning &...
M2O (M20) Token Sale ICO
M2O (M20)
Verified ICO
A blockchain-based ecosystem that integrates mileage
Poins (PIN) Token Sale ICO
Poins (PIN)
Verified ICO
A platform using scrypt algorithm for high transaction speeds
Luxurium (LXMT) Token Sale ICO
Luxurium (LXMT)
Verified ICO
A collaboration of cryptocurrency and luxury
Twilight (TWC) Token Sale ICO
Twilight (TWC)
Verified ICO
A decentralized crowdfunding platform for anime creators & fans
Crypt-ON (IPT) Token Sale ICO
Crypt-ON (IPT)
Verified ICO
Single infrastructure solution for crypto community
LendLedger (LOAN) Token Sale (Postponed) ICO
LendLedger (LOAN)
Verified ICO
Open network to solve trillion dollar credit gaps
Myoho (MYX) Token Sale ICO
Myoho (MYX)
Verified ICO
Crypto exchange with no transaction fee
BR11 (BR11) Token Sale ICO
BR11 (BR11)
Verified ICO
Brazilian startup security token
BitcoinBing (BING) Token Sale ICO
BitcoinBing (BING)
Verified ICO
Buying and selling digital currency worldwide
Imusify (IMU) Token Sale ICO
Imusify (IMU)
Verified ICO
The smart music economy
Intrachain (ICT) Token Sale ICO
Intrachain (ICT)
Verified ICO
Process mining software with integrated blockchain
Securix (SRXIO) Token Sale ICO
Securix (SRXIO)
Verified ICO
Passive income from crypto mining
Xtock (XTX) Token Sale ICO
Xtock (XTX)
Verified ICO
Otc market finance network platform
Adult X (ADUX) Token Sale ICO
Adult X
Verified ICO
All-in-one solution for adult entertainment industry on the blockchain
Gainfy (GAIN) Token Sale ICO
Gainfy (GAIN)
Verified ICO
Healthcare with blockchain, ai and iot
Sponsify (SPO) Token Sale ICO
Sponsify (SPO)
Verified ICO
Decentralized platform for event management and promotion of activities
BrikBit (BRIK) Token Sale ICO
BrikBit (BRIK)
Verified ICO
Lisk-based blockchain ecosystem for developing and managing real estate industry operations
Omnescoin (OMNES) Token Sale ICO
Omnescoin (OMNES)
Verified ICO
A quick and easy way to buy crypto coins
XS2 Exchange (XS2) Token Sale ICO
XS2 Exchange
Verified ICO
Buy, keep and trade crypto securely
Bitcoin Protocol (BTP) Token Sale ICO
Bitcoin Protocol
Verified ICO
TronWatchMarket (TWM) Token Sale ICO
TronWatchMarket (TWM)
Verified ICO
A decentralized exchange
Space Impulse (SPI) Token Sale ICO
Space Impulse
Verified ICO
Global services and components marketplace for space commerce
Athero (THO) Token Sale ICO
Athero (THO)
Verified ICO
A new era of cryptofinance
Kikicoin (KIKI) Token Sale ICO
Kikicoin (KIKI)
Verified ICO
Business directory technology
Local Remit (LRT) Token Sale ICO
Local Remit
Verified ICO
P2p cryptocurrency marketplace
Storedig (SDIG) Token Sale ICO
Storedig (SDIG)
Verified ICO
A digital products marketplace (CIX100) Token Sale ICO (CIX100)
Verified ICO
Ai-based cryptocurrency index
Remittance (REMCO) Token Sale ICO
Remittance (REMCO)
Verified ICO
Distributed token-generating platform for money transfer
Platin (PTNX) Token Sale ICO
Platin (PTNX)
Verified ICO
Proof of location protocol on the blockchain
Maester Protocol (MAP) Token Sale ICO
Maester Protocol
Verified ICO
Blockchain-based protocol to enable on-demand consulting
Ylife (YLF) Token Sale ICO
Ylife (YLF)
Verified ICO
Fair management of football fans for fair competition
Cybertron (CTRX) Token Sale ICO
Cybertron (CTRX)
Verified ICO
Cyber security asset of the future
Cardonio (CFGT) Token Sale ICO
Cardonio (CFGT)
Verified ICO
Crypto credit card
BlockEstate (BEAT) Token Sale ICO
BlockEstate (BEAT)
Verified ICO
Tokenized real estate fund using predictive analytics to drive returns
AngryToken (ANG) Token Sale ICO
AngryToken (ANG)
Verified ICO
Decentralized social media
GreenEnergy (GEC) Token Sale ICO
GreenEnergy (GEC)
Verified ICO
Blockchain project focused on the energy sector
Ehalal (HAL) Token Sale ICO
Ehalal (HAL)
Verified ICO
Halal enterprise resource planning & supply chain management system
Farm2Kitchen (F2K) Token Sale ICO
Farm2Kitchen (F2K)
Verified ICO
Next generation food delivery value chain
Citicash (CCH) Token Sale ICO
Citicash (CCH)
Verified ICO
Enables users to pay with crypto anywhere
Nodvix (NDVX) Token Sale ICO
Nodvix (NDVX)
Verified ICO
24-hour p2p broadcasting platform designed to display relevant content
Spitball (SBL) Token Sale ICO
Spitball (SBL)
Verified ICO
Student economy defined by transparency, direct p2p interaction and fair profit opportunity
Woonkly (WNK) Token Sale ICO
Woonkly (WNK)
Verified ICO
The connection token between advertisers and their audience
Alpha-X (AX) Token Sale ICO
Alpha-X (AX)
Verified ICO
Marketplace based on blockchain
FieldCoin (FLC) Token Sale ICO
FieldCoin (FLC)
Verified ICO
Blockchain-based agricultural land marketplace
Bablos (BABLOS) Token Sale ICO
Bablos (BABLOS)
Verified ICO
Adaptation of v. Pelevin's novel "empire ambition v"
AntiBank (AB) Token Sale ICO
AntiBank (AB)
Verified ICO
A worldwide financial system based on artificial intelligence, blockchain and smart contract...
TriForce (FORCE) Token Sale ICO
TriForce (FORCE)
Verified ICO
A games-dedicated blockchain
Fameone (FAME) Token Sale ICO
Fameone (FAME)
Verified ICO
A platform for modeling and photography
Zuum (ZMC) Token Sale ICO
Zuum (ZMC)
Verified ICO
Ride-sharing and other on-demand services on blockchain
Sollida (SLD) Token Sale ICO
Sollida (SLD)
Verified ICO
A crypto payment platform
Bizkey (BZKY) Token Sale ICO
Bizkey (BZKY)
Verified ICO
Re-integrating retail into the global economy through blockchain
8gig (Po8) Token Sale ICO
8gig (Po8)
Verified ICO
Accelerating software development for digital transformation
Coineium (CNM) Token Sale ICO
Coineium (CNM)
Verified ICO
An investing platform that combines all trading tools
8 Circuit Studios (8BT) Token Sale ICO
8 Circuit
Verified ICO
A video game ecosystem to connect gaming worlds
Pantercon (PANX) Token Sale ICO
Pantercon (PANX)
Verified ICO
A platform for startup founders to get capital without hurdles
Vendicoins (VENDI) Token Sale ICO
Vendicoins (VENDI)
Verified ICO
Video advertising platform
Scopuly (SKY) Token Sale ICO
Scopuly (SKY)
Verified ICO
A crypto wallet, decentralized trading platform, tokenization asset, and ico marketplace
First Investment (FITX) Token Sale ICO
First Investment
Verified ICO
Consolidating stock and crypto markets
Dago-mining (DAGO) Token Sale ICO
Dago-mining (DAGO)
Verified ICO
Eco-friendly mining farm that does not depend on energy companies
Gemera (GEMA) Token Sale ICO
Gemera (GEMA)
Verified ICO
Crypto token backed by colombian emeralds
Connecty (CTY) Token Sale ICO
Connecty (CTY)
Verified ICO
A web platform focused on the knowledge economy
Filmgrid (FILM) Token Sale ICO
Filmgrid (FILM)
Verified ICO
A peer to peer technological solution for commerce, streaming and financing of...
Cindx (CINX) Token Sale ICO
Cindx (CINX)
Verified ICO
Crypto asset management hub
Neogame (TKT) Token Sale ICO
Neogame (TKT)
Verified ICO
Blockchain-based nonprofit lottery
UniFox (FOX) Token Sale ICO
UniFox (FOX)
Verified ICO
A payment system that enables mass adoption of cryptocurrencies
Zorff (ZRF) Token Sale ICO
Zorff (ZRF)
Verified ICO
An integrated payment solution and an exchange platform
Crypto Circle X (CCX) Token Sale ICO
Crypto Circle
Verified ICO
Exchange capable of high performance trading
Myart (MYT) Token Sale ICO
Myart (MYT)
Verified ICO
Global blockchain-based platform for art and cultural industries
iTrue (ITU) Token Sale ICO
iTrue (ITU)
Verified ICO
Instant access to controlled gains with device-free technologies
Moneynet (MNC) Token Sale ICO
Moneynet (MNC)
Verified ICO
Blockchain-based incentive social network service
Carat (CARAT) Token Sale ICO
Carat (CARAT)
Verified ICO
A financial market for diamonds
AI-Zeus (AZS) Token Sale ICO
AI-Zeus (AZS)
Verified ICO
A blockchain built for the needs of apps with millions of users
EthereumCashPro (ECP) Token Sale ICO
EthereumCashPro (ECP)
Verified ICO
A wealth creation platform
InfraCoins (INF) Token Sale ICO
InfraCoins (INF)
Verified ICO
A decentralized property listing ecosystem
Color Platform (COL) Token Sale ICO
Color Platform
Verified ICO
A platform for high-performance, sophisticated d'apps
Ultrain (UGAS) Token Sale ICO
Ultrain (UGAS)
Verified ICO
Trusted computing on blockchain architecture
Delta-X (DLX) Token Sale ICO
Delta-X (DLX)
Verified ICO
A blockchain coin with fiat liquidity linked as security
Make (MAKE) Token Sale ICO
Make (MAKE)
Verified ICO
A keyboard app that pays you to use viral media
Foneex (FOX) Token Sale ICO
Foneex (FOX)
Verified ICO
A multi crypto asset exchange platform
TradeTex (TDX) Token Sale ICO
TradeTex (TDX)
Verified ICO
A commission-free exchange with its own native cryptocurrency
Lumeos (LUME) Token Sale ICO
Lumeos (LUME)
Verified ICO
Decentralized infrastructure for data sharing
Virtual Universe (VU) Token Sale ICO
Virtual Universe
Verified ICO
A living virtual reality game world
Verified ICO
A blockchain-based ecosystem for secured data sharing, messaging, and payment transactions
SUAPP (SUP) Token Sale ICO
Verified ICO
A decentralized peer-to-peer idea-sharing and reward platform
Spatium (SPT) Token Sale ICO
Spatium (SPT)
Verified ICO
A secure wallet that supports over 100 cryptocurrencies
CafeCoin (CAFECOIN) Token Sale ICO
Verified ICO
A blockchain payment app for merchants & consumers
Prime Shipping Foundation (PRIME) Token Sale ICO
Prime Shipping
Verified ICO
A payment ecosystem for shipping
BitGame Cash (BGC) Token Sale ICO
BitGame Cash
Verified ICO
In-game payment system for gamers globally
KartBlock (KBT) Token Sale ICO
KartBlock (KBT)
Verified ICO
Provider of underlying blockchain technology for e-commerce
Carmel (CARMEL) Token Sale ICO
Carmel (CARMEL)
Verified ICO
Eos-based tech education platform
Blackbox Foundation (BBOS) Token Sale ICO
Blackbox Foundation
Verified ICO
A decentralized platform to manage the future of work
LoveBlock (DDD) Token Sale ICO
LoveBlock (DDD)
Verified ICO
A decentralized database for dating
Boosto (BST) Token Sale ICO
Boosto (BST)
Verified ICO
Influencer-driven decentralized app store
Finnoq Protocol (FNQ) Token Sale ICO
Finnoq Protocol
Verified ICO
An open source protocol for decentralized opinion markets
Filo (FILO) Token Sale ICO
Filo (FILO)
Verified ICO
Connecting real time services in singapore and asia
NEO (NEF) Finance Token Sale ICO
Verified ICO
Platform in which participants have the opportunity to instantly receive a money...
Ledgity (LTY) Token Sale ICO
Ledgity (LTY)
Verified ICO
Liquidity for securities powered by blockchain technology
BitFex.Trade (BITFEX) Token Sale ICO
BitFex.Trade (BITFEX)
Verified ICO
Cryptocurrency exchange with minimal commissions, developed on the requirements of traders
Zuenchain (ZUE) Token Sale ICO
Zuenchain (ZUE)
Verified ICO
A total wellness blockchain platform (TPX) Token Sale ICO (TPX)
Verified ICO
Cryptocurrency exchange with loss compensation and profit distribution between token holders
LinkChain (LNK) Token Sale ICO
LinkChain (LNK)
Verified ICO
Secure supply chain sourcing on the blockchain
Bancryp (XBANC) Token Sale ICO
Bancryp (XBANC)
Verified ICO
A cryptobank for the new cryptoeconomy
Unchainet (UNET) Token Sale ICO
Unchainet (UNET)
Verified ICO
Heterogeneous cloud computing infrastructure market
OmniBazaar (OmniCoin) Token Sale ICO
OmniBazaar (OmniCoin)
Verified ICO
E-commerce marketplace that removes middlemen and bankers
Lionstarter (LST) Token Sale ICO
Lionstarter (LST)
Verified ICO
Enabling digitalized retail commerce
Must Protocol (MUST) Token Sale ICO
Must Protocol
Verified ICO
An open source protocol of proof and transfer of rights to assets...
Pumpkin (PMK) Token Sale ICO
Pumpkin (PMK)
Verified ICO
Creating a connection between small business owners and investors
Geon Network (GEON) Token Sale ICO
Geon Network
Verified ICO
A geolocation-based value transfer platform
Synthestech (STT) Token Sale ICO
Synthestech (STT)
Verified ICO
Developing technology that applies the cold fusion phenomenon to obtain platinum
Echarge (ECHG) Token Sale ICO
Echarge (ECHG)
Verified ICO
Electric charging stations redefined
Solid Sources (SLD) Token Sale ICO
Solid Sources
Verified ICO
Collecting statistical data in a decentralized way
Pinmo (PINMO) Token Sale ICO
Pinmo (PINMO)
Verified ICO
Intelligent social marketing secured by blockchain
ArtPro (APT) Token Sale ICO
ArtPro (APT)
Verified ICO
A marketplace for private dealers and contemporary artists
DreamTeam (DREAM) Token Sale ICO
DreamTeam (DREAM)
Verified ICO
Infrastructure platform and payment gateway for esports and gaming
Brotherly Coin (BroCoin) Token Sale ICO
Brotherly Coin
Verified ICO
A brotherly way of borrowing and lending money
Peer Mountain (PMTN) Token Sale ICO
Peer Mountain
Verified ICO
Cross-chain identity trust platform
EzCash (EZE) Token Sale ICO
EzCash (EZE)
Verified ICO
A blockchain c2c marketplace
Peculium (PCL) Token Sale ICO
Peculium (PCL)
Verified ICO
Savings and investment platform for cryptocurrency
Svper (SVP) Token Sale ICO
Svper (SVP)
Verified ICO
Instant real-world meetings
Chelle Coin (CHL) Token Sale ICO
Chelle Coin
Verified ICO
Blockchain-powered real estate ecosystem
Navibration (NAVI) Token Sale ICO
Navibration (NAVI)
Verified ICO
The way of knowing the world, reinvented
Virtuse Exchange (VIRT) Token Sale ICO
Virtuse Exchange
Verified ICO
Cryptocurrency and financial assets in one platform
TronWallet (TWX) Token Sale ICO
TronWallet (TWX)
Verified ICO
An open source secure, beautiful, simple yet powerful p2p crypto wallet for...
Formosa Financial (FMF) Token Sale ICO
Formosa Financial
Verified ICO
The one-stop platform for digital asset management
Ammeris Platform (AMRS) Token Sale ICO
Ammeris Platform
Verified ICO
Get green, inter-operable, and scalable blockchain for business
Verified ICO
Knowledge as a service
DeepToken (DPT) Token Sale ICO
DeepToken (DPT)
Verified ICO
The world's first crypto exchange dedicated to ai
Twogap (TGT) Token Sale ICO
Twogap (TGT)
Verified ICO
Thriving the cryptocurrency market with cryptobonds
Trucking Coin (XTK) Token Sale ICO
Trucking Coin
Verified ICO
Fundraising for building transportation industry smart contracts and applications for truck drivers
W12 (W12) Token Sale ICO
W12 (W12)
Verified ICO
An open protocol for creation of various types of daos
Zenome DNA (ZNA) Token Sale ICO
Zenome DNA
Verified ICO
The blockchain-based genomic ecosystem
AQUA Intelligence (AQX) Token Sale ICO
AQUA Intelligence
Verified ICO
Revolutionizing the hospitality industry with comprehensive decentralized profiles for each consumer for...
BigBang (BBT) Token Sale ICO
BigBang (BBT)
Verified ICO
A blockchain-powered platform for the gaming entertainment industry
Versum (VEX) Token Sale ICO
Versum (VEX)
Verified ICO
The first multi-asset payment client based on blockchain
Voco (VOCT) Token Sale ICO
Voco (VOCT)
Verified ICO
A no-registration, always-on web chat and a decentralized referral system to disrupt...
BitsApp (BATC) Token Sale ICO
BitsApp (BATC)
Verified ICO
Investing in the startup entrepreneur dream
Verified ICO
All-in-one platform for digital currency
SuperSkyNet (SSN) Token Sale ICO
SuperSkyNet (SSN)
Verified ICO
Iot ecosystem based on blockchain
LongCoin (LONG) Token Sale ICO
LongCoin (LONG)
Verified ICO
Portfolio of promising assets on traditional and crypto markets
Smart Refinery Technologies (SRT) Token Sale ICO
Smart Refinery
Verified ICO
Revolutionary ecosystem for oil processing industry
Coindaily (DAILY) Token Sale ICO
Coindaily (DAILY)
Verified ICO
Primary market integrated service platform for blockchain projects
Get Achieve (GAT) Token Sale ICO
Get Achieve
Verified ICO
A free multiplayer mobile online game with augmented reality
Betmatch (XBM) Token Sale ICO
Betmatch (XBM)
Verified ICO
The decentralized betting house
Defacto (DEFACTO) Token Sale ICO
Defacto (DEFACTO)
Verified ICO
A voting and polling solution on the blockchain to create a ‘better...
Deneum (DNM) Token Sale ICO
Deneum (DNM)
Verified ICO
Ultra low-cost renewable electricity that saves billions of dollars
Quarters (Q2) Token Sale ICO
Quarters (Q2)
Verified ICO
First ever universal game token
SpryOne (SPRY) Token Sale ICO
SpryOne (SPRY)
Verified ICO
Next generation loyalty platform for retailers and consumers
Gigzi (GZB) Token Sale ICO
Gigzi (GZB)
Verified ICO
A financial system that delivers security, stability, and wealth protection on the...
Smilo (SMILO) Token Sale ICO
Smilo (SMILO)
Verified ICO
Hybrid blockchain platform with a conscience
Perlin (PERL) Token Sale ICO
Perlin (PERL)
Verified ICO
A high-throughput directed-acrylic-graph (dag) using avalanche consensus
Tuk Tuk Pass (TTP-A) Token Sale ICO
Tuk Tuk
Verified ICO
Social travel platform for booking and sharing travel experiences around the world
Verified ICO
The first exchange you can really own
Rubiix (RBX) Token Sale ICO
Rubiix (RBX)
Verified ICO
Connecting brands and consumers through collateral data staking
weiDex (WDX) Token Sale ICO
weiDex (WDX)
Verified ICO
The most advanced decentralized exchange
Hash Rush (RUSH) Token Sale ICO
Hash Rush
Verified ICO
Earn money while playing a video game
Polybird (PBT) Token Sale ICO
Polybird (PBT)
Verified ICO
A global exchange for all tokens of value
Winnest (WNC) Token Sale ICO
Winnest (WNC)
Verified ICO
A social marketplace where a hierarchical system of user ranks dictates income
OfferZone (OFZ) Token Sale ICO
OfferZone (OFZ)
Verified ICO
The world's first decentralized p2p bidding platform
Cuprum (CUPRUM) Token Sale ICO
Cuprum (CUPRUM)
Verified ICO
High standard copper in the form of a digital forward contract
Coinolix (CLX)Token Sale ICO
Coinolix (CLX)Token
Verified ICO
A pure cryptocurrency exchange and a fiat pegged cryptocurrency solution
TOK (TOK) Token Sale ICO
Verified ICO
Chat platform offering a seamless, smart, and secure communication ecosystem
Tachain (TCHN) Token Sale ICO
Tachain (TCHN)
Verified ICO
Providing a comprehensive ad targeting system for advertisers, while maintaining the full...
Stein Coin (STCN) Token Sale ICO
Stein Coin
Verified ICO
A revolutionary decentralized coin improving the new ecological blockchain generation
Newton (NEW) Token Sale ICO
Newton (NEW)
Verified ICO
Infrastructure for the protocol-based economy
Parkade (PRKC) Token Sale ICO
Parkade (PRKC)
Verified ICO
Increasing the supply of parking worldwide and lowering the price of parking
New Economy Ledger (NEL) Token Sale ICO
New Economy
Verified ICO
Microfinance lending platform aimed at developing countries
Rethen Foundation (RTH2) Token Sale ICO
Rethen Foundation
Verified ICO
The cryptocurrency wallet of the future
Verified ICO
Digipharm uses blockchain technology to enable fair pricing in healthcare
CryptoAdsolution (CADS) Token Sale ICO
CryptoAdsolution (CADS)
Verified ICO
A community-focused advertising platform that rewards customers for consuming and running cryptocurrency...
Verified ICO
Transforming the news industry and inviting thousands of newcomers to join the...
Verified ICO
Empowering and stabilizing the future of internet money
Agro Stock Exchange (ASE) Token Sale ICO
Agro Stock
Verified ICO
Global multifunctional agro-industrial trading platform
Stem Cell Coin (SCC) Token Sale ICO
Stem Cell
Verified ICO
Providing a long, vigorous life to more people
Discoperi (DISC) Token Sale ICO
Discoperi (DISC)
Verified ICO
Leading the automotive revoluation
eLocations (eLOC) Token Sale ICO
eLocations (eLOC)
Verified ICO
The world’s most comprehensive commercial real estate database powered by blockchain
The Power (SK) Token Sale ICO
The Power
Verified ICO
Hybrid three-dimensional scalable blockchain with instant transactions and auto sharding
EveryCoin (EYC) Pre-Sale ICO
EveryCoin (EYC)
Verified ICO
The new platform for people who are financially excluded from modern finance...
Blupass (BLU) ICO
Blupass (BLU)
Verified ICO
The platform for instant health insurance claims
PropPush/PropPush Token Sale ICO
PropPush/PropPush Token
Verified ICO
Proppush is results oriented online service to connect property buyers, sellers, renters...
Verified ICO
Democratization and inclusion in the worldwide football decentralized football investments and funding...
DUSK Network ICO
DUSK Network
Verified ICO
The dusk network is a decentralized infrastructure that enables fast, anonymous and...
Verified ICO
Tokenai is an on-demand crypto market and portfolio analysis platform, driven by...
Pre-ICO Nuclus Money (NLM) ICO
Pre-ICO Nuclus
Verified ICO
For the first time in modern history, the global economy is growing...
Cleyond (CYO) Token Sale ICO
Cleyond (CYO)
Verified ICO
Global plastic waste – and its solution. Waiting to scale.
CryptoLeaf ICO
Verified ICO
Cryptoleaf is a tokenized equity crowdfunding platform providing funding for green companies,...
KryptoPal ICO
Verified ICO
The platform for mass blockchain adoption
Burgerdock Token ICO
Burgerdock Token
Verified ICO
Burgerdock is fully operational fastfood company. With the help of the ico...
Museums Chain ICO
Museums Chain
Verified ICO
Museums chain will be issuing an erc20 token called a museums chain...
Hedpay is a ground-breaking project that stems from the vision of a...
Biotor Biomass Trading ICO
Biotor Biomass
Verified ICO
Biotor wants to produce pellets and briquettes where necessary: regional and close...
TITA Project ICO
TITA Project
Verified ICO
The tita project is creating a decentralized network, its ecosystems are driving...
Remiit is a blockchain powered remittance and payment platform that connects various...
Rateonium ICO
Verified ICO
Idea a blockchain-based, anonymised customer-company review system operated via the rateonium platform.
Fatum ICO
Fatum is a gaming project built on advanced blockchain and cryptography technologies.
Bullion (BULL) ICO
Bullion (BULL)
Verified ICO
Artisanal miners born with the main vision to remove middle man from...
Kheper ICO
The kheper project is about developing online gaming platforms and land-based gaming...
Madana is the first ever ico and sidechain project on the lisk...
Verified ICO
International decentralized blockchain platform for wide use in the medical and pharmaceutical...
Rateonium ICO
Verified ICO
A blockchain-based, anonymised customer-company review system operated via the rateonium platform.
Unchainet ICO
Verified ICO
Decentralized heterogeneous cloud computing network– for everyone
Verified ICO
Innovative wide functionality and reliable platform created to solve today’s cryptocurrency reliability...
BitSong ICO
Verified ICO
Bitsong will generate profits for artists and the users who listen to...
ScorpioProtocol ICO
Verified ICO
As the most important part of the block chain industry chain, the...
Verified ICO
The main issue of developing countries’ economies is an imperfect legal base...
Verified ICO
Aibb is an ai assistant wrapped in a decentralized, feature-packed crypto trading...
Further Network ICO
Further Network
Verified ICO
Further network is blockchain based p2p network to help travel industry complete...
Tradetex Exchange ICO
Tradetex Exchange
Verified ICO
Tradetex, a commission-free exchange with its own native cryptocurrency, the tdx token.
Verified ICO
ClearCost ICO
Verified ICO
Www. Clearcost. Io is a global project with its mission reflected in the name...
Frisco Roofing Pro ICO
Frisco Roofing
Verified ICO
Frisco roofing pro is a market leader when it comes to all...
Verified ICO
Creating a key coin for soccer world
ReadyPlayGo ICO
Verified ICO
Sleecoin ICO
Verified ICO
Sleecoin is a decentralized online platform, which has been designed to connect...
Coinseason capital inc. Is located in vancouver, canada, which is registered and...
Sansox ICO
Sansox is a complete solution provider within the water treatment industry. With...
Stattm Token ICO
Stattm Token
Verified ICO
Stattm is the idea of building a better decentralized cryptocurrency for instant,...
Chelle Coin ICO
Chelle Coin
Verified ICO
Chelle corp. Maximizes value and earning potential for our investors by acquiring...
We create an honest betting service, where the bookmaker will be an...
Verified ICO
Introducing the sarf exchange platform! The sarf exchange will allow users to exchange...
CargoCoin ICO
Verified ICO
Cargocoin - revolutionizing global trade and transport by decentralization
Cloudbric (CLB) Token Sale ICO
Cloudbric (CLB)
Verified ICO
Changing the cybersecurity landscape with the power of blockchain
Asset exchange network (axnet) is a licensed virtual currency to fiat exchange...
BigBang ICO
Verified ICO
“play and earn loyalty points you can trade” into cryptocurrencies! For e-gamers...
UCOIN Currency ICO
UCOIN Currency
Verified ICO
Ucoin is an asset-supported cryptocurrency combining blockchain technology with a multiple range...
The Fortune Fund ICO
The Fortune
Verified ICO
Thefortunefund will launch its ico on 12th august 2018 in accordance with...
4New ICO
4new limited is a uk company that will own and operate waste...
Apollon ICO
Verified ICO
Apollon creates a platform that brings the people across the entertainment industry...
TemboCoin ICO
Verified ICO
Tembocoin is a proudly proprietary technology that offers compliant, secure, affordable and...
Berminal ICO
Verified ICO
Berminal technology is a blockchain and cryptocurrency news project with a mobile...
Vidy ICO
Vidy is the world's first decentralized ad network
Svandis (SVN) Token Sale & ICO Review ICO
Svandis (SVN)
Verified ICO
A data hub providing a research platform to crypto-market participants
Tkeycoin DAO ICO
Tkeycoin DAO
Verified ICO
Tcd corporation (formerly holding br) — is an it company engaged in...
Agate is the world's most comprehensive decentralized blockchain platform for instant payment...
H Education World Initial Token Sale ICO
H Education
Verified ICO
It is the world's biggest token sale in education sector till date.
AllForMiner ICO
Verified ICO
Allforminer-trading offers a trading platform where any seller can put their goods...
Verified ICO
• first ever coin in industry with only 1 conformation required for...
Verified ICO
Prediction game & sports information platform
What makes us unique is that up until now much of the...
GECKO Crypto1
Verified ICO
Today, gecko governance is the first regtech blockchain solution to easily allow...
Cyber Capital Invest ICO
Cyber Capital
Verified ICO
Cyber capital invest is an online investment fund platform, aimed at people...
Academia Lingu ICO
Academia Lingu
Verified ICO
Academia lingu is a platform, which aims to give equal language education...
AMO Market Token Sale ($AMO) ICO
AMO Market
Verified ICO
Amo is a blockchain project to create and operate the amo market,...
Cultural heritage bearers can now leverage their efforts with culture mining. Idgo...
X-Block ICO
Verified ICO
X-block is the global blockchain 4. 0 based on fog computing. X-block is...
Exceed ICO
Exceed io is a decentralized data management platform powered by blockchain technology....
Stealth Project ICO
Stealth Project
Verified ICO
Tealth project - a unique project with the new level of network...
Real Estate Doc ICO
Real Estate
Verified ICO
Real estate doc (red) will revolutionize the managing of commercial real estate...
CD Currency ICO
CD Currency
Verified ICO
Universal coin international inc. Offers a bank-supported cryptocurrency (cd currency) that addresses...
Civil Media Company (CVL) ICO
Civil Media
Verified ICO
Decentralized platform for independent, sustainable journalism
TWEX (Tag World Exchange) – TWEX ICO
Verified ICO
Twex is a revolutionary private investments platform – exchange. Twex tokens are non-inflationary...
Verified ICO
Allcare makes company benefits like healthcare, insurance, training, and other perks accessible...
The Company Green Energy ICO
The Company
Verified ICO
The company green energy smart contract & gec token"the company green energy"...
MySmartProperty ICO
Verified ICO
Using smart contracts on the ethereum blockchain, mysmartproperty (msp) will facilitate direct...
Norton Token/Nortonchain Project ICO
Norton Token/Nortonchain
Verified ICO
Nortonchain project, a decentralized distributed ledger built to solve the problems faced...
Verified ICO
Building world's largest crowd-funded diverse portfolio crypto currency techno mining operation
American bit (Ameri) ICO
American bit
Verified ICO
Olá, tudo bem? Então gostaria de informa que o logo da moeda...
CryptoLink Network Pre-ICO ICO
CryptoLink Network
Verified ICO
A fully decentralizedoracle networkthe crypto link network provides smart contracts with data,...
Hedpay is a ground-breaking project that stems from the vision of a...
Cosplay Token ICO
Cosplay Token
Verified ICO
Cure worldcosplay is the world’s largest cosplay platform, supporting 12 languages where...
Pearl Pay ICO
Pearl Pay
Verified ICO
Pearl pay is creating a solution to interconnect payment, remittance, banking and...
Local Token Exchange ICO
Local Token
Verified ICO
Given the success of other p2p exchanges such as localbitcoins and xcoins,...
Teledactyl ICO
Verified ICO
"we're not waiting for the future of healthcare, we're building it! "​
ICO CustomCoin Platform (CC) ICO
ICO CustomCoin
Verified ICO
The customcoin platform is aimed at people who are ready to start...
Zapcash (ZPC) ICO
Zapcash (ZPC)
Verified ICO
Decentralized lending platform (HUS) ICO (HUS)
Verified ICO
Hussy is a distributed escorting and due diligence infrastructure.
Boosto ICO
Boosto is an influencer driven decentralized app store. It provides a protocol...
LeoPays | Social Business Network ICO
LeoPays |
Verified ICO
We are creating a social business network to simplify the work of...
Zillios Token Sale ICO
Zillios Token
Verified ICO
Blockchain-based platform for real estate listings
Bitminer Factory ICO
Bitminer Factory
Verified ICO
Bitminer is a startup from angeli’s group, constructors and energy producers for...
MIB Coin
Verified ICO
The world-first smartphone-only mining
Verified ICO
The first total solver for word-of-mouth players.
Counos Coin ICO
Counos Coin
Verified ICO
Csc int. Gmbh, in kanton luzern, with its four different types of...
108 Token ICO
108 Token
Verified ICO
108 token provides a diversified, low-cost and simplified exposure to the burgeoning...
Parkres ICO
Verified ICO
Parkres provides a state of the art sensory network to track and...
Trecento Blockchain Capital ICO
Trecento Blockchain
Verified ICO
All-in-one blockchain investment solution
Smart Node Token ICO
Smart Node
Verified ICO
Smt token is a cryptocurrency based on the blockchain of ethereum through...
Akropolis ICO
Verified ICO
Akropolis is an end-to-end pensions & savings protocol that act as a...
CodeMail ICO
Verified ICO
Codemail is a secure, private, anonymous, decentralized communication network built on blockchain...
VolAir (VOL) Token Sale ICO
VolAir (VOL)
Verified ICO
Blockchain-based private jet charter & luxury lifestyle at your fingertips
Citowise ICO
Verified ICO
Citowise already provides cryptocommunity with reliable and professional cryptocurrency wallet, fighting back...
We want our preschool children to enjoy observing, exploring and discovering the...
Foriegn exchange trading per dayfxpay is an exciting and highly prospective business...
MatchDiary (MDR) ICO
MatchDiary (MDR)
Verified ICO
A universal platform for football fans #fans together
ephelants360 (XEP) ICO
ephelants360 (XEP)
Verified ICO
Democratizing film & tv production
Hilarium ICO
Verified ICO
Aleef Coin ICO ICO
Aleef Coin
Verified ICO
A disruptive decentralized blockchain solution for transparent and secured fund management.
BlueGold – Blockchain Cuises & Events ICO
BlueGold –
Verified ICO
Bluegold wants to become the next reference currency for blockchain events. In...
The first global blockchain-based platform for buying and renting luxe property
Liquid8 ICO
Verified ICO
Liquid8 aspires to be the next-generation financial services platform that will help...
Ethx Coin ICO
Ethx Coin
Verified ICO
Ethx offers a blockchain powered exchange as well as incremental enterprise solutions...
TimeBox ICO
Verified ICO
Timebox is a decentralized custody service of digital assets, it is safe...
RAIN Token
Verified ICO
Raincheck was formed in november 2014 to enable online-to-offline (o2o) commerce. Created...
sadas ICO
nestorrido ICO
Verified ICO
Because my ico is best of the best
testprocje ICO
Verified ICO
Quantler ICO
Verified ICO
Quantler is an ecosystem for creating, analyzing, sharing and running of decentralized...
Togacoin – A Green Data Center ICO
Togacoin –
Verified ICO
First crowdfunding in the world that distributes revenue during the token sale. Our...
Subaj Global Network ICO
Subaj Global
Verified ICO
Subaj global network is a platform that allows merchants to create their...
KaratGold ICO
Verified ICO
We are the first and only world-trading company that has been passionate...
Scienceroot ICO
Verified ICO
Scienceroot aims to improve the scientific and research community using blockchain technology.
CoinMarketAlert ICO
Verified ICO
Coinmarketalert. Com is a cyptocurrency price alert system, that issues notifications to all...
American bit ICO
American bit
Verified ICO
American bitgerada na plataforma waves com 37 milhões de tokens( não será...
LookRev ICO
Verified ICO
An open network for creativity
Rays Network ICO
Rays Network
Verified ICO
Rays network is based on a whole new blockchain technology which is...
Aussie Digital (AUD) ICO
Aussie Digital
Verified ICO
Rewriting the future of e-commerce on blockchain
Inmediate ICO
Verified ICO
Inmediate makes policies transparent and trustworthy by using smart contracts, powered by...
Save Environment Token (SET) ICO
Save Environment
Verified ICO
A noble cause to save environment and humanity
The Boliecoin ICO
The Boliecoin
Verified ICO
Innovative technology company that has created a new space in the video...
Dealjoy (DEAL) ICO
Dealjoy (DEAL)
Verified ICO
Dealjoy is  a privacy-focused global cashback platform designed to connect online shoppers...
Inmediate ICO
Verified ICO
Inmediate makes policies transparent and trustworthy by using smart contracts, powered by... ICO
Verified ICO
Tachain is a completely new blockchain based ecosystem. It provides comprehensive ad...
Verified ICO
Freldo is the first global and decentralized ecosystem linking service providers and...
Game Protocol (GXT) ICO
Game Protocol
Verified ICO
Discover and fund the games you love.
A decentralized margin lending protocol & liquidation oracle marketplace on the ethereum...
Ommer (OMR) ICO
Ommer (OMR)
Verified ICO
Using blockchain to open up global investment opportunities for young, tech-savvy working...
Commit Good ICO
Commit Good
Verified ICO
Boomstarter.Network ICO
Verified ICO
The first global fundraising platform based on crypto, blockchain and smart contracts....
Quidli ICO
Quidli is a decentralized network for equity transfers, a gateway for early-stage...
Alluma ICO
Alluma envisions to be the first institutional grade cryptocurrency exchange dedicated to...
LaneAxis ICO
Verified ICO
Laneaxis virtual freight management is patented technology built to connect shippers directly...
Laccoin ICO
Verified ICO
Laccoin (lac) is an ethereum backed cryptocurrency that enables the banked, unbanked...
Review.Network ICO
Verified ICO
Network is a project that aims to create a unique trusted high-intelligence...
LightBitAtom ICO
Verified ICO
First cryptocurrency exchange which offers exchange of one cryptocurrency to another cryptocurrency...
Vertex (VTEX) ICO
Vertex (VTEX)
Verified ICO
The worlds first ico aftermarket
Vibeo ICO
 a new era of instant messaging/social app
Bitfair ICO
Verified ICO
Traders on the bitfair platform will be able to place orders for...
Humanscape (HUM) ICO
Humanscape (HUM)
Verified ICO
Humanscape is working to establish its namesake platform humanscape, a decentralized patient...
BuratinoBS ICO
Verified ICO
Multi-mining system for sha-256 and scryptmulti-miner papa carlo with the high productivity...
Verified ICO
Goodwork is an ecosystem for remote teams.
Verified ICO
Inziderx is a decentralized spot leverage otc market where you can exchange...
Greenblockcoin ICO
Verified ICO
Greenblock is a cryptocurrency and a blockchain based data ecosystem for the...
Vmc is a new blockchain platform designed for the future of human...
Genuine fashion token (gft) is a decentralized platform developed to an ecosystem...
Streamity ICO
Verified ICO
The key element of streamity is streamdesk decentralized application for exchange of...
Briastorm ICO
Verified ICO
Briastorm blockchain conglomerate integrates a blockchain technology into ready business-processes. Briastorm is...
Verified ICO
Becoin provides one frictionless experience to send money globally using the power...
Instoken ICO
Verified ICO
Ultroneum ICO
Verified ICO
Status: activedescription: ultroneum is a cashless global multi-financial services mobile gateway where...
Buff’s decentralized gaming loyalty platform is a groundbreaking crypto-economy ecosystem-based only on...
Verified ICO
Cbdoken is cbd backed cryptocurrency, targeting worldwide distribution of publicly priced cbd....
Nitroneum ICO
Verified ICO
Nitroneum is the generation multiple value driven tokens on the ethereum blockchain. The...
ROMAD Endpoint Defense (RBDT) Token Sale ICO
ROMAD Endpoint
Verified ICO
Romad offers the next generation antivirus romad endpoint defence and defence token...
Bitcademy football (BTMG) ICO
Bitcademy football
Verified ICO
Bitcademy is multidimensional. We combine brick and mortar foundation and virtual world....
Send Protocol (SDT) ICO
Send Protocol
Verified ICO
Send (sdt) is non-collateralized semi-stable digital money powered by the blockchain.
Revizor Coin ICO
Revizor Coin
Verified ICO
Revizor is an innovative project in the field of regulation of the...
Kryptoin ETFs:  Decentralized ETF Systems ICO
Kryptoin ETFs:
Verified ICO
The kryptoin etf system is a patent-pending platform that enables a digital...
Varanida ICO
Verified ICO
Vtuur's live mobile vr streaming platform with unique ar and ai features...
Monetizr ICO
Verified ICO
Monetizr is a blockchain-based game reward engine.
Hedger (HDR) ICO
Hedger (HDR)
Verified ICO
Hedger technologies is a leading fintech company proposing a cryptocurrency hedge instrument
EyeGlob.Net ICO
Verified ICO
In response to widespread and rising eye health problem eyeglob. Net will provide...
The evermarkets exchange (emx) is re-imagining the cryptocurrency trading landscape, giving crypto...
Beyond seen Screen ICO
Beyond seen
Verified ICO
The missing link between video and content
Hey, Be Well! ICO
Hey, Be
Verified ICO
Hey, be well! Is a platform designed with a single purpose: to...
Upstake ICO
Verified ICO
Our unique business model is simple, the price of ups tokens increase...
rLoop ICO
Rloop is building a platform to decentralize the creation, scrutiny, and development...
Verified ICO
Gaus trade is the first blockchain based platform designed to purchase new...
Crypto Asset Rating & Token Sale ICO
Crypto Asset
Verified ICO
We are usa based rating agency launching "security token" under rule 506(c)...
TrustBar ICO
Verified ICO
Creating a decentralized exchange of the future
FiveStarMiningNetwork ICO
Verified ICO
Fivestarminingnetwork is the first cryptocurrency mining network that will provide guaranteed profit...
Verified ICO
Will unite the global surfer community
Epik Token ICO
Epik Token
Verified ICO
The epik utility token will be utilized within the blmp platform, allowing... ICO
Verified ICO
4Artechnologies ICO
Verified ICO
An unprecedented standard of transparency, authenticity, and security for the art world.
Pure Carbon ICO
Pure Carbon
Verified ICO
Pure carbon protocol tokens objective is to provide financial incentives needed to...
GECKO Crypto1
Verified ICO
Gecko governance vision is to build a platform that becomes the industry...