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We've created a blockchain settlement platform for instant settlement and micropayments of cash back rewards, earned while shopping online.

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2018-03-12 - 2018-04-13
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Visit ICO Site – The Cash Back Cryptocurrency. Accepting ETH during their token sale event at a rate of (0,00016667 ETH / CBC) Presale – 40% bonus Week 1 – 20% bonusWeek 2 – 15% bonusWeek 3 – 10% bonusWeek 4 – No bonus Presale tokens issued at end of token sale. Smart contracts distribute tokens after purchase during token sale.

There are several commercial and end user applications for the token. Depending on the user requirements, the token can be used either to store or transmit value or redeem for services within CashBag. Advertiser Business CaseThe token can be used to purchase advertising inventory on CashBag by redeeming it through the advertiser interface. The token is transferred through a smart contract in return for advertising services and the services are delivered through the platform.

During the initial token sale, the minimum redemption price will be guaranteed through a smart contract, so that the token can be redeemed against advertising at a future date up to 48 months, at the issue price.Our Consumer Business CaseMembers earn cash rewards when shopping online at participating merchants. These cash rewards are paid by the merchant and tracked by CashBag through our sale tracking integration with each merchant.

New members select from a base set of currencies including USD, EUR, AUD, GBP, ZAR with support for more currencies being added as we enter new markets.Members can earn CashBag sponsored incentives based on their activity, transaction volume and social sharing of the platform. By integrating our wallet to blockchain settlement we create a mechanism to speed up cash back settlement and incentivize our members by allocating them a token with a real world supported value which can be traded, redeemed and used across any ERC20 wallet supporting partner.

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