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Team: 7

Feasibility: 6.4

Product: 6.4

Overall Rating: 6.6

Short Description: CallPage platform will become Uber for customer support industry powered by blockchain. Through our blockchain-powered CallPage platform, independent customer support operators could provide companies with call proceeding services in exchange for CallCoin tokens, without traditional middleman institutions taking a margin, but using Smart contracts, based on the Ethereum, which are concluded between the company-customer and executor of work.

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Our mission is to tokenize customer support and sales industry and to create the revolution in terms of corporations and their outsourced call operators. We are offering a comprehensive search solution with the ability to conclude contracts between the business customer and independent call operator, as well as a platform for training and monitoring the performance of executors, previously specified in the contract, and coin as a mean of payment for the work done.

What we offer:

New, more beneficial economy:

In order to explain why and how the economy is changing on customer support market, we want to introduce 3 cases of possible mutual relationships between all the parties involved. You are going to see how our ecosystem, based on blockchain, will work much more efficiently and with greater benefits.

Legal Simplification: Holding customers’ money leads to the legal purview of several normative acts and regulatory agencies. Callcoin simplifies this drastically since the funds are transferred solely between the two parties involved. Any funds sent or received on the CallPage platform can be withdrawn by users at any time through the Ethereum wallet. Management of customer-executor relations and Dispute Resolution based on a smart contract: Smart contract is a fully automated protocol that exists in the blockchain technology in order to facilitate, verify and then to execute the performance of an agreement. Smart contracts allow users of blockchain technology to make a deal on promises, that have been previously specified in the digital form, without the need of third parties or written documentations.

Token information:

Token name: CallCoin

Token symbol: CALL

Token Standard: ERC20

Currency accepted: ETH

Token price: $0.35

Bonuses starting from 35%.

Crowdsale details:

Total token supply: 155 000 000

Available on private sale: 23 250 000

Available on ICO: 93 000 000

New tokens will never be released again.

Hard Cap: 35 000 000

Soft Cap: 4 000 000

Private Sale dates: May 1 - August 31

Crowdsale dates: September 1 - September 30

Token distribution:

60% - Sold during ICO

15% - Private sale

15% - Vested for the founding team

5% - Pool rewards

3% - Vested for ambassadors

2% - ICO bounties

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