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BunnyToken is a payment solution for the $103 billion adult industry which will replace traditional payment methods for adult tube sites, webcam platforms, sex shops,

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2018-03-13 - 2018-05-25
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About BunnyToken:

The adult industry is a $103 billion industry, it competes with the largest websites and brands. In 2017 its revenue exceeded that of Facebook, Nike and McDonald’s combined. Despite the figures, banks and financial institutions have road-blocked businesses and individuals in the industry making payments expensive and insecure.

A whole ecosystem of online shops, tube sites, adult live webcam sites, dating apps and consumers can eliminate large fees and upgrade to a digital currency which unites the industry. The payment solution will issue the BUNNY token. The platform will replace traditional payment methods for the adult industry. Unlike current payment providers, BunnyToken will charge low fees, provide anonymity and guarantee security, powered by the liberal and progressive blockchain technology.

BunnyToken is managed by entrepreneurs and businessmen from the adult industry. Their extensive understanding of the industry is coupled with finance specialists and blockchain experts. Together they have set up a strong foundation for a platform which can change payment systems for every adult industry participant.The platform and token will solve three major problems for businesses and consumers of the industry: eliminate large fees, guarantee security and guarantee anonymity.

Token sale will take place between the 13th of March and 25th of May. The sale will take place through the official website and the token’s price will rise by 1% every day that the sale is live. The company has announced it will burn any unsold tokens which would instantly increase the value of the remaining ones. Official partners will also be gradually added and according to the whitepaper a number of industry websites have already pledged to use BunnyToken upon its launch.


Alexander Maslov

Vasilisa Yakubo
Andrei Kazarin
Wiebe Van Veen
Ruben Klassen
Ove Skovgaard
Spas Danilov
Nikita Polyakov
Filip Bager
Dori Rubinshteyn
Petter Berg
Anika Dresdner Adomaitis
Garry Stanford Lang
Jaylin Colbert
Kalla Baars
Nora Belcher
Monika Sawyer
Maghan Choi
Tamera Brooks

Token Symbol: BUNNY

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