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2018-01-15 - 2018-02-15
Budbo will be the first-of-its-kind, fully integrated blockchain-based solution for the transparent, standardized, and regulated interaction between cannabis users, dispensaries and couriers.

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BUDBO ICO Review & Analysis:

Budbo is a best-in-class platform already actively being used by more than 75,000 mobile users and over 2000 suppliers (dispensaries). Budbo consists of a mobile phone app and a cloud-based backend business intelligence platform. The platform is designed to match cannabis users’top picks or close matches of cannabis strains and products and direct them to nearby dispensaries which are carrying these products. The platform also provides a delivery tracking service aimed at ensuring full visibility and compliance into the cannabis delivery process. Budbo has over 150 vehicles currently being tracked every day.To round out the offering and provide a rewards program, we arenow combining this cannabis product pursuit and tracking platform with the crypto blockchain model. The blockchain model will easily accommodate several stages of the cannabis pursuit, sales and logistics processes, addressing the following:

• Recording and Storing Product Life Cycle Events

• Verifying Patient Identification

• Transaction Assurance

• Equipment Ordering

• Inventory Management

• Seed to Sale Tracking>

• Client Management

• Delivery Tracking and Verification

• Platform Analytics

The blockchain technology offers a way to streamline all these channels simultaneously as it holds an immutable ledger that leverages crypto-tokens built on smart contracts. Budbo Token transactions will be instant, and average transaction confirmation time will be within minutes. All transactions will be secured with state-of- theart cryptography, and blockchain integrity will be protected by CPUefficient ASIC resistant proof of work. This unique model allows us to fill numerous operational and process gaps for cannabis businesses.The adoption of blockchain cryptocurrency technology is the nextlogical step in the development and growth of Budbo’s platform.It enables us to create a structure that solves many of the issues surrounding the supply chain management of the cannabis industry.BTC & ETH will be accepted at the ICO.Token Distribution Details:-150,000,000 BUBO tokens are reserved for Token Sale (ICO).-20,000,000 BUBO tokens are reserved for Pre-Sale.-The Hard Cap is 150,000,000 BUBO tokens (not including Pre-sale).

Token Symbol: BUBO

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Robert Thomas
BUDBO IS A SCAM!!! Buyer beware. Team members and key advisors have criminal records and should not be trusted. The Budbo App is not widely used because it lacks usefulness and frankly it is misleading to say Budbo has 100,000+ users. Just because the Budbo App has been downloaded does not mean it has that many users. The Budbo team is trying hard to make a mountain out of a mole hill but it is a BIG stretch to say a useless App will become THE “Global Cannabis Blockchain” … you can almost imagine these guys sitting around getting high… Read more »
Nittany Lion
Clearly uneducated on Budbo. Both Jake and Luke were my roommates at one point. Luke has done nothing but work his soul to the bone, to create this app. Jake got his degree in computer science and has been innovating on the daily. Both of them are upstanding, give-the-shirt-off-their-back type guys, regardless of any minor transgressions in their youth. The first version of Budbo, is going to be a relic we can all look back on and kinda of laugh at, as the Patterson brothers and their version 2.0 have matured drastically in the last few years. If you honestly… Read more »
Robert Paulson

Budbo is still currently running and sold out each tier? How has it “FAILED to reach its funding goals” ? I am an investor and in all honesty, I would be surprised if one member didn’t have a criminal record considering the cannabis industry has been illegal for years!


What part of the ether are you pulling your bad info from? Show me where anything suggests or says “failed” anywhere? They sold the presale tokens ten days earlier than the cutoff, sold off tier one, and made their way thru tier 2 quickly. And they’ve started development on version 2.0. The crypto and cannabis communities LOVE Budbo. asked its readers to vote for the best, new ICOs… and guess what rank Budbo came in at? That’s right, number #1. They’re winning on ever level. Like, what are talking about? Seriously?

Hello, Maybe you can explain to me why Budbo offers your tokens at the price of 20 cent in animal right before the end of the crowdsale? Your token sales page also does not finish. I hope that they did not stare in laughter over the blessing. Should it turn out to be a scam and it looks like this, you should not trust your side “hype codes anymore, as they only recommend the> ICO, which will bring the most provit to the referrer.” I do not believe the ICO’s right be checked I have been receiving such emails for… Read more »
Herp Derp

Why are you receiving these emails? Is it because you purchased Bubos already? So in thanks, Budbo is offering you the chance to buy more at a discount? Are you complaining that you are getting a discount? I can’t really understand your comment because it is written poorly; seemingly by someone that can’t understand the basic English language, let alone cryptos. If you don’t want discounts, unsubscribe. Maybe next time, don’t buy any tokens at all, if you are just going to complain. I’m sure someone will gladly take your Bubos off your hands when they hit the exchanges.


Every day send the email. They sell their tokens like sour beer.
I think it’s scam, too.


Budbo is a Paragon 2.0 xDD bb money

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