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Team: 6.8

Feasibility: 6.3

Product: 6.3

Overall Rating: 6.47

Short Description: Boltt is on a mission to help people live healthier. Striving to make a big impact on society’s health & lifestyle, using Blockchain, Boltt Rewards users with the"World’s first digital health currency” ~{BolttCoin}, upon achieving their health goals.

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Established in 2015, Boltt is a market leader & largest wearable tech player based in India and US.Boltt has created an "Addictive Mobile Health Game" and an entire ecosystem around it that aims to motivate people to remain fitter and healthier!The game rewards people with BolttCoins (a digital health currency) for taking steps and achieving their health targets. BolttCoins can be used to purchase goods & services across a partner network of 25K+ merchants & 1Mn products, all of this from day one! This Gamified Social Interface makes physical activity fun and addictive for the users.The concept of “Walk more Earn more” (mine Boltt Coins basis personal health) can go viral in the world community, since it’s being adopted by large organisations & businesses and is applicable to a variety of use cases & target audiences. Boltt is a full fledged health & commerce ecosystem, that allows for a seamless B2B & B2C business model, ensuring user VIRALITY amongst the community. This currency has huge ecosystem, network & demand. With limited supply & economics, it can become a most valuable asset over time. Boltt Coin has a mass application across industries and consumers-corporates, retailers, insurance, gyms, brands, celebrities healthcare etc. Users can use it to purchase goods & services across a partner network and retailers can link the Boltt Coin to existing loyalty programmes. With MVP ready to be deployed, leading partners and brands on board, the App can amass millions of users with a very strong revenue model in place.With a huge ecosystem of E- commerce merchants in place, who will accept BolttCoins, Boltt is working on upcoming partnerships with largest music, entertainment & gaming companies, which can make BolttCoins the largest largest community currency. We have a strong team and a seasoned Advisory Panel from the Crypto, Blockchain space. The platform expects to aggregate $1billion GMV in five years.

Token Terms

Price per token1 ETH = 4000 BOLTT, 1 BTC = 70,000 BOLTT

Token type -Ethereum ERC20

Tokens in total -One billion

Distribution of tokens:

Pre ICO7%


Reserve Future

Steps Mining15%

Corporate Issuance15%

Advisory Board3%

Founding Team10%

Bounty Programmes

1%Bonus for Token Sale

3%Strategic Partners






10%Cryptos Accepted

Purchase methods accepted:


What makes our ICO unique

Boltt’s Competitive Advantage is due to the following reasons:

1.Word’s first digital health currency, mined by physical activity

BolttCoin is to become the first ever, “digital health currency” connecting masses and many other stakeholders across current health, fitness, and wellness ecosystems. BolttCoins can be mined, not by computing power, but by simple steps and personal health achievements.The primary aim of this currency is to enhance engagement and social gamification within the end users.

2.Mass application and huge potential demand

Health is a concern for everyone and there is an inherent appeal to the masses for the same. There are many potential use cases for corporates, retailers, insurers, brands, celebrities, etc. from the promotion of their products or services to improving their employees/followers health. On the other hand, users can spend BolttCoins to purchase goods and services on Boltt ecosystem and across a huge partner network (offline/online). These use cases are likely to generate a huge demand for BolttCoins.

3.Unique platform that goes viral

Social health gamification with monetary rewards for physical activity is an innovative concept that can disrupt the existing mobile health ecosystems. Boltt platform also includes many added features such as a marketplace, global health ID, payment solution, and mobile wallet, which make it a complete ecosystem that can incorporate and integrate currently isolated health, fitness, and wellness ecosystems.

4..Use of Blockchain

By leveraging the power of the Blockchain Boltt is able to offer gratification in a secure unbiased manner, increase seamless engagement and stronger monetization methods.

5.Highly experienced team

BolttCoin platform is to be developed and implemented by a group of industry veterans who possess extensive experience in sports tech, health, and fitness along with proven-track records of entrepreneurship. The platform is already in MVP stage and the implementation is not dependent on this token sale. All these mean a good opportunity for investors to own a strong crypto-token with potential for capital gains and long-term placements in a revolutionary utility token that has many use cases within its own ecosystem. Above all, contribution to Boltt is a contribution to the advancement of health and fitness of our communities.

6.Product Live in the Market with great Traction

The Boltt platform is already live in the market and deployed across different industry pillars, representing each pillar in the Boltt ecosystem.

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