Blueshare (BST) Security Token Review

Our Analysis

Team: 9.8

Feasibility: 9

Product: 9

Overall Rating: 9.27


May 6, 2019 - August 3, 2019

Sale Type: STO

Name: Blueshare

Short Description: Tokenized equity capital participation shares of Interprom Mining AG

Category: Investment

Ticker: $BST



Hard Cap: $143,050,240

KYC/AML Required: yes

Whitelist Required: yes

Accepted Currencies:

  • Other

Token price in fiat ICO: $1.79

  • Offers traditional equity capital participation shares on Ethereum blockchain
  • Provides capital appreciation and dividends, mobility, security and liquidity to stakeholders
  • Exposes investors to construction business with proven track record
  • Executive team blends IT engineers, geologists, long-time construction professionals and financial market experts

Blueshare (BST) is a platform that allows users to digitally invest in a Swiss-based consolidated mining company via security tokens.

Currently, the mining industry is dominated by large holding companies owned by large institutional investors. Start-ups in mining are often funded via private equity placements. This leads to limitation of diversification and ultimately higher costs of funding. Further, during early stages, gatekeepers and intermediaries impose hefty fees for investors. These fees are often prohibitively high and thus many opportunities are abandoned.

Blueshare allows its community of users to directly participate in funding a pool of natural resources exploration and extraction projects, while transparently benefiting from a future income stream. Blueshare's platform vastly expands the pool of potential investors in a mining project, resulting in fewer abandoned opportunities.

Builds on an existing, successful mining and construction business 

Interprom Group is a well-established business with 23 years of profitable track record — it is currently working on the expansion of the Sofia underground subway network, among other projects.

Interprom currently uses a number of major brands as clients and credentials.

Blueshare's key investment considerations include:

  • Consistent profitability and strong cash generation
  • Mature and stable core markets in construction
  • Well-positioned for high growth markets
  • Proven track record of timely and within budget delivery
  • Strong engineering capability

Executive team blends IT engineers, geologists, long-time construction professionals and financial market experts

The Blueshare team consists of nine executive members, ten members of the Geology and Construction team and six advisors. The construction team boasts some of the most prominent scientists and geologists in Bulgaria, and the advisory includes some of the biggest names in FinTech.

Token Sale Model and Details 

More information on token sale details are available in the tabs above.

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