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Team: 6

Feasibility: 6.4

Product: 6.4

Overall Rating: 6.27

Short Description: BitSong will generate profits for artists and the users who listen to their songs, while creating a money saving opportunity for advertisers.

Category: Entertainment

Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency



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Our goal is to be present on any Smart TV equipped with Chromecast, through Smartphone app stores, on any personal computer through a web interface or software and finally any car equipped with a Smart Radio. BitSong will be the new point of reference for the music market and will be fully developed using the technologies that the blockchain has available. Using the blockchain affords Bitsong with the means to be decentralized and be more community – based compared to its competitors. Currently viewing a music video is via YouTube, listening and streaming is via Spotify, marketing is on iTunes or Beatport and advertising is on social media. BitSong aims to solve this problem once and for all. Bitsong will provide artists with full autonomy to upload their song (without a distributor or a label), and their own music video, advertise it through their own fanpage (on the BitSong platform) and interact with their fans. A holistic one – stop shop approach, choice is given to to the user, to watch videos, stream music and have the ability to use whichever device they own to partake in Bitsong. This also permits the artist to manage their social media fanbase from one source, their Bitsong channel, thereby retaining their fans on one single decentralized music platform. We have already planned to create an official Web Radio / TV that will stream the best tracks on the platform, there will also be musical contests in which the artist will promote his music (only users with BTSG tokens can express their preference) . In addition to the official Web Radio / TV, there will also be the possibility to open a streaming channel where you can broadcast your events, or perform live via our platform. Today musical rankings are easily influenced or modified by external sponsorships. BitSong will proposes to store all user reactions (such as streams, like, comments and anything else) on their blockchain, thus generating the first verifiable and above all, real music classification for rankings. Team's aim is to evolve as the world of blockchain evolves and create new opportunities for their community to support their platform.

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