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2018-03-01 - 2018-05-31
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About Birdchain:

Today’s companies struggle to get the attention of their existing and new clients. While most of the advertising channels are proving to be less and less effective. However one channel stands strong – recommendations of family and friends.
Birdchain aims to create an environment where companies can reach its customers with rich media messages and content. The Birdchain App will have an user-friendly look of regular instant messaging app. But instead of simply allowing to communicate, it will offer incentives in Birdchain tokens to engage and share advertisement with their friends and family. Creating an instant viral platform. Furthermore, Birdchain will offer more than one way for companies to advertise and people to earn crypto. Deliver A2P messages, take part in surveys, rich text media and monetization of private information – all in one application.

Personal data is already being smartly used by such companies as Google and Facebook. Birdchain DApp users will be able to choose which data exactly they want to sell and generate income.

About the Sale:

Crypto Accepted ETH and BTC

Token Price1ETH = 42000 BIRD

Soft and Hard cap’s

Soft cap of the ICO – 1,500 ETH

Hard cap of the ICO – 10,500 ETH

Token distribution

Maximum coin supply 580,263,158

Total ICO distribution 441,000,000

Team and founders 52,223,684

Involving corporate contributors and other expenses 87,039,474


Token Symbol: BIRD

Coming Soon...
Coming Soon...

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