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Team: 6.8

Feasibility: 6.4

Product: 6.4

Overall Rating: 6.53

Short Description: Bionic Smart Investing.

Category: Electronics

Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency



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Bionic is an incubator for companies using blockchain tech to provide innovative new services and applications. We are a family of companies who share workspaces, experience and advice. We are a network of professionals who specialize in connecting promising startups to a "chain" of service-providers, advisors, potential investors, legal & accounting affiliates. Bionic is a cryptocurrency based on ethereum blockchain created to develop electronic financial transactions.Don't send any funds from any exchange! Recommended to use Metamask before investing make a transaction from Myetherwallet to the address on investing section.

Recommended gas: 100000Max GWEI: 90Investing starts from 100 BINC

Payment method: Eth via metamask or make a transaction from Myetherwallet to the address on investing section

BINC Token Sale Information

Token Sale Hard Cap: 75,000 ETH

Pre ICO Pricing: 1 ETH = 8000 BINC

ICO Pricing : 1 ETH = 2000 BINC

Available tokens for public sale: 180,000,000 BINC

Pre ICO will be started on 05 March 2018 to 05 April 2018

ICO will be started on 06 April 2018 to 31 June 2018 Direct link to buy BINC :

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