BetInReal (BIR) Token Sale and Blockchain Platform Review ICO

BetInReal (BIR) Token Sale and Blockchain Platform Review
Verified ICO

AR/VR gambling solution based on blockchain

2 Weeks,1 Day(s) Left
2018-11-05 - 2018-12-31
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  • Provides AR/VR social, immersive gaming experience
  • Crypto assets ensure fair, reliable outcomes & instant payouts 
  • Shows possibilities for platform monetization & gaining market foothold

BetInReal (BIR) is an AR/VR gambling platform based on blockchain technology that allows players to have a more interactive and immersive experience, according to the company. The BetInReal global marketplace connects gamers and developers in an ecosystem focused on social gaming.

Evolving geographic market & technological opportunities demand new endeavors

Asia Pacific is emerging as a market leader in the gambling sector, due to rapid economic rise in the region, but “targeted and tailored” online game content is not being developed to satisfy this demand, according to BetInReal’s team. These populations want to use the latest technologies, including VR and AR capabilities. Meanwhile, existing mobile gambling app users want to upgrade to more immersive and reliable technologies. BetInReal’s ability to supply an AR/VR experience will give it an edge in a popular market.

Ample opportunities to monetize the platform, including white label services

Investors often wonder how a project will continue to generate income and BetInReal has several promising profit-generating aspects, including: house edge, the platform’s content marketplace, white label solutions (i.e. VR headsets) and other revenue streams. White label services also give BetInReal the opportunity to partner with other trusted businesses and gain more exposure.

Users can easily download the application to a device and get started, but there are also many ways to build on and augment that experience. It’s also encouraging that the team has already proven its capacity to build an application, showing there is real intent behind the value proposition.

Team possesses significant relevant experience

The executive team has many combined years of experience in the digital gambling industry, as well as legal counsel with over ten years experience in finance law, specifically advising on Fintech, AI, IoT and startups. The team’s senior creative executive has worked with brands like Intel, Google, Adidas, Facebook, Ogilvy, Ford and BP. The team has also hired advisors specifically dedicated to expansion into Asian markets, as well as advisors with significant experience raising capital in relevant industries.

BIR Token Model & Sale Details

The BIR token is a gaming currency with features enabling instant payouts, micro-payments and access to additional deals and perks.

  • Minimum purchase: 25 ETH
  • Soft cap: 2,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 9,600,000 USD
  • Tokens available for sale: 480,000,000
  • Currency accepted: ETH
  • Funding distribution: operational costs 12%, gambling software development 15%, legal costs 20%, VR/AR software development 23%, marketing and player acquisition 30%
  • Token distribution: guarantee fund 11%, bounty fund 7%, team 12%, development fund 17%, public sale 53%

The company’s ICO began on 11/5/18 and runs until 12/31/18. KYC is required.

For more information on BetInReal ($BIR) token sale details & other news, download the team’s whitepaper here.

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Token Symbol: BIR

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