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Team: 6.5

Feasibility: 6.2

Product: 6.2

Overall Rating: 6.3

Short Description: BeEasy is a set of intuitive interfaces and the most convenient integrated services for managing crypto-assets. We provide our customers with a unique ability to monitor business processes in a "one-stop" mode with a single user identification system.BeEasy project consists of six services designed for different user groups: EasyData displays the current number of leased hashing power, a crypto-currency account, it features the possibility of increasing or decreasing the rented power, calculates profitability, monitors the mining process. EasyPool is a multicurrency pool and a management system for mining. EasyPlay is a solution for fast and convenient receipt of real things and services in exchange for crypto-currency. EasyTrade product is a crypto-exchange that supports integration with the trading software (MetaTrader, TickTrader), as well as a web interface for brokers and traders.To monitor the liquidity and return on assets, a special service - EasyFund - has been developed. A system with convenient interface allows you to easily analyze the current investment portfolio structure, and also to control in real time the amount of investments and current yield in BTC/ETH/USD.EasyCare service will give the user the opportunity to do a good deed and donate the earned money for charity. The system will automatically provide a list of partner funds, to which the users will be able to make a transfer from their balance, and the possibility and track their donations. Our project’s mission is to encourage the development of decentralized economy of blockchain networks and cryptocurrency by engaging as many new, previously left out, authentic user groups as possible.ICOno soft caphard cap – 3 200BTC (80% of token emission)ICO: February 1, 2018-April 30, 2018Equal throughout the ICO stage: 1ETKN = 0.02 BTCEasyToken (ETKN) Nature and Emission1. The project uses Ethereum platform, ERC20 standard to emit its own EasyToken (ETKN).2. The total amount of emitted tokens equals 250, 000 ETKN.3. The tokens are divisible to four decimal places.ICO: emission of 200, 000 ETKN Distributed as follows: 80% address the needs of token buyers 17% geared to the project itself (supporting the advisory board and the team) 3% used for bounty rewardsThere are various ways for our users to benefit from acquiring our tokens:— purchasing power at cost price from the data center, also known as ‘cloud mining’— receiving a 50 percent discount for all service fees (exchanges, fund and others)— discounted converting tokens into game currencies, software license, ecosystem participantpartner goods

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