Assistive Reality

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Team: 6.9

Feasibility: 6.3

Product: 6.3

Overall Rating: 6.5

Short Description: Assistive Reality is an Australian start-up project developing Augmented Reality apps for Android, iOS, Intel smart glasses and Windows Mixed Reality.

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It is created by a team of forward-thinking professionals consisting of Bio and Information-Systems experts with strong experience in AI systems, user interface design, 3D modelling and a driving interest in human-augmentation technology. We believe when you embed sufficiently comprehensive AI into an Augmented Reality software solution, the resulting multiplier effect on human consistency, processing speed, memory and parallelism will improve the human quality of life, allow us to compete with pure-AI systems in the future, and potentially slow down or prevent an outright overtake of human work effort by AI. We've been awarded a place on Microsoft's mixed reality development program and are in discussions with Intel, HTC (Vive) and HP about creating business applications (as well as our home user Augmented World browser). Two construction firms are very keen for building site visualization, and law enforcement departments stand to benefit massively from the tech. We are one of the only AR companies that integrates with the Ethereum blockchain for profile storage and for bio-metric ID processing. Our primary offering is ARX tokens which we have built an ecosystem around for Augmented Reality applications and content. We're building AR apps for Android and iOS that will use an AI assistant (similar to Google and Apple's Siri) to monitor your social, data feeds and eye sight and prompt/provide you with assistance, content, apps, in your field of vision as you walk around your every day life. Google, Apple, Intel, Magic Leap amongst others are releasing smart glasses throughout 2018/19 and it will be very similar to Apple releasing the iPhone. we plan to be early to the app stores to become the leader in the Augmented Reality software market. The ARX tokens we are issuing can be used to buy our apps, content, license for professional usage, to rent or buy space, to advertise in the Augmented Reality world via GPS coordinates (imagine walking down the airport with smart glasses on and receiving floating notifications or highlighted parts of physical walls with digital content on them instead of LCD screens). If investors get ARX early, there should be significant profits to make just on the tokens. Unlike most companies we are offering our ARX tokens to our corporate clients as part of their licensing agreement so we will be able to ensure a certain minimum price floor for ARX tokens given our high corporate demand. Significantly more info up at including the detailed company/technology whitepaper. Assistive Reality helps to bridge the gap between the mainstream business community and the technology-enthusiast sector that has already embraced VR and early AR technologies. By bringing advanced Augmented Reality applications complete with Ethereum Blockchain integration directly to the enterprise business world, we are rapidly enhancing the global acceptance and adoption of Ethereum and smart contracts. While many startups are using Ethereum, we are using it for Biometric ID encryption and storage, allowing global roaming and state continuity between devices. By aligning the Geographic /GPS coordinates of AR zones with data stored on the Blockchain we can control the authors of the information while also utilising the global replication of Blockchains in general to ship the data required to a local node. We will be hiring developers primarily from the Ethereum community and we are a legitimate Australian company with a legal structure in place and solid business planning. We hope to become an example of a legitimate ICO well-executed. ARX tokens can be directly used for:

• Downloading Augmented Reality apps from Apple and Google stores (we use a redemption smart contract)• Accessing premium multiplayer AR zones

• Renting, claiming or purchasing physical locations for AR content

• Placing advertising banners into locations in World 1

• Placing business locations and interactive purchase bots into AR zones (e.g. shopping malls, bus stops, walkways)

• Creating consumable AR tours within World 1

• Activating AI-guidance within World 1 or Profession

• Purchasing a content or skills pack within World or ProfessionCorporate clients of the Spectrum engine will consume ARX for site licensing, application feature enablement and in-app purchase conversion.

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