Our Analysis

Team: 6.7

Feasibility: 6

Product: 6

Overall Rating: 6.23

Short Description: ASSETA plans to offer traditional and future financial products in the environment based on the blockchain technologies and finally become a principle of single window to all the requirements of modern banking operations.

Category: Banking

Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency



ASSETA will establish a digital bank and all the attention will be targeted to provide low cost, modern, easy to use and borderless financial services, for instance, payments, lending, insurance, currency (incl. most popular cryptocurrencies) exchanges and investments. To achieve such goal, ASSETA will apply for banking licences in the main jurisdictions. Also we are working on participation in payment networks, for instance, SEPA (European Union) and etc. The banking sector is still controlled by players, who act very traditionally. The future bank not only offers traditional banking services, but also transactions in crypto currencies and is totally integrated in “FinTech” market.

• Token symbol ( ticker ): AST

• Token platform: Ethereum (ETH)

• Token supply amount: 33,000,000 (thirty three millions) AST tokens

• Token fundraising target amount: SOFT CAP / HARD CAP - 10,000 ETH / 30,000 ETH

• Country originated: Lithuania

• Accepted currency: ETH

• YouTube:

• Medium:

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