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Short Description: There are a number of problems in the world of science today hampering global progress. In an almost monopolized industry with terrible incentive misalignments, a radical change is needed. The only way to change this is with a grassroots movement – of researchers and scientists, librarians, scientific societies, R&D departments, universities, students, and innovators – coming together.

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We need to remove the powerful intermediaries, create new incentive structures, build commonly owned tools to validate all research and build a common Validated Repository of human knowledge. A combination of blockchain and artificial intelligence provides the technology framework, but as with all research, the scientist herself needs to be in the center. At Project Aiur we're aiming to democratize science, disrupt research system incentives, and improve scientific content, making it more transparent, accountable and widespread in society. Current problems faced by the scientific community and the users of scientific content today include:

(1) information overload;

(2) access barriers;

(3) reproducibility issues;

(4) built-in biases; and,

(5) incentive misalignment.

With Project Aiur we aim at making Science belong to everyone through using blockchain technology. The technology allows us to to bring together a big community of researchers, coders, and anyone interested in science. Together we will work to address the problems outlined above. We will collaborate to build what we call a “Knowledge Validation Engine” based on artificial intelligence and machine learning technology - a machine where we can take a piece of research and have it checked up against all other research in the world. This means we will over time build a massive collection of research that has been validated. Everyone who is a member will own the project, can use the tools we build together, and can vote in important decisions. The AIUR token will be introduced as the main currency in the project. Besides granting membership, AIUR will be used to give access to the KVE and any other tools developed on top of the community’s software. Anyone who contributes to the community with things like code, training data and research earn AIUR tokens.

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