Ahrvo DEEX (RVO) ICO Review

Our Analysis

Team: 9

Feasibility: 9

Product: 8.9

Overall Rating: 8.97


September 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019

Sale Type: ICO

Name: Ahrvo DEEX

Short Description: A blockchain-based brokerage exchange

Category: Investment

Ticker: $RVO

Total Token Supply: 200,000,000

Website: https://ahrvo.io

Whitepaper: https://ahrvo.io/public/frontend/documents/Ahrvo-Whitepaper.pdf

Hard Cap: $50,000,000

Soft Cap: $10,000,000

KYC/AML Required: yes

Whitelist Required: yes

Token price in fiat pre-sale: $0.2

Token price in fiat ICO: $0.25

  • Utilizes quantitative social trading and ranking systems to find the best stocks
  • Accelerates adoption of blockchain within equity markets, allowing traditional brokerage clients to be onboarded without liquidating
  • Team has abundant experience in finance sector, including knowledge of traditional brokerage firms and blockchain applications

Ahrvo DEEX (RVO) is an AI-powered, blockchain-based stock-trading platform that allows users to connect with others on the network, and be rewarded for trading stocks and ETFs or participating in fantasy investing leagues.

Ahrvo's decentralized platform facilitates the process of transitioning traditional brokerage clients to a blockchain-based equity market platform without requiring users to liquidate their assets.

Fosters an improved quantitative and social investing environment

Ahrvo's software uses historical data to develop ranking systems for at least 8,000 stocks and ETFs, while also allowing traders to discuss trading strategies within the community.

As a brokerage platform, Ahrvo also allows for global participation, increased speed and data automation and greater transparency and objectivity than traditional brokerages.

Meets demands of large market for brokerage partners 

Most existing brokers registered with FINRA are defined as small firms. Small- and medium-sized brokers tend to have higher overhead costs and are increasingly feeling pressure to lower their fees. Ahrvo's p2p decentralized stock exchange could include a network of small brokers who trade within the ecosystem, helping the network scale.

Team has amassed extensive experience in finance sector

The team at Ahrvo is highly capable based on previous experience. Backend architect Manik Gupta has been directing a software design and development company for nine years that focuses on global IT solutions. CFO Andrew Leruth, meanwhile, served as Operations Manager and Bank Officer at Bank of America, where he was employed for four years.

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