Our Analysis

Team: 6.6

Feasibility: 6

Product: 6

Overall Rating: 6.2

Short Description: The Activity Project will give us a platform where people will work directly without intermediaries, receive additional income, learn new specialties, find proven contractors and customers, will have contract guarantees when working with each other, will have a platform to demonstrate their capabilities / goods.

Category: Business Services

Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency



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Will unite the target audience of related markets with a total turnover of more than $ 1,000,000,000. The uniqueness is that no one has yet unbundled these markets, and has also given the unemployed the opportunity to find a profession. The Token acts as a guarantee for the performance of the contract between the customer / buyer and the contractor / seller , нow to rank participants . Token on the platform of waves and already traded on the exchange .

Token distribution:Bounty and airdrop - 1 600 000 000

Fund for the promotion of participants on the site 1 500 000 000

Selling tokens through the site 3 400 000 000

Remains 1 000 000 000 to the team

Marketing 500 million

Reserve fund 500 million

Bonus for holders of tokens distribution August 5 2018 500 million

Total 9,000,000,000 tokens Activity.

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