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Team: 6.2

Feasibility: 6.3

Product: 6.3

Overall Rating: 6.27

Short Description:  Applying Blockchain to Extend the finance “Applying Blockchain Technology into Banks”

Category: Banking

Category: Tokens Cryptocurrency

Website: https://www.able-project.io

Whitepaper: https://www.able-project.io/data/AB_whitePaper_Kor_180308-1.pdf

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A new revolution has begun with Blockchain technology ABLE Project’s mission is to establish a blockchain bank. All crypto assets will be managed via smart contract.On top of the cryptocurrency bank, ABLE Project will expand its territory to BIO, VR/AR, AI.


ABLE Project is the first Decentralized Blockchain Bank.ABLE Project’s Goal is to establish a blockchain based financial platform, from banking to mutual funds. ABLE Project will provide a cryptocurrency financing platform to meet both the supply-side and the demand-side.

MARKET DEMANDS Current level of volatility will be removed as cryptocurrency market grows and stabilizes. Cryptocurrency stored in exchanges and wallets need more banking and financing services.ABLE Project has started by acquiring a bank license in Estonia, and will expand worldwide.

Why ABLE Project?

ABLE BANK : ABLE Project secures customer’s crypto asset through insurance and legal advice. Smart contracts enable customers to utilize banking and financial service.Debit/Credit card services will be served for micro-payment. ABLE contributors will have benefits of AIR-DROPs, VIP Cards, and Paybacks.

SERVICE & SECURITY BANKING SERVICES : Cryptocurrency deposits can provide incentives to cryptocurrency stored in exchanges and personal wallets. Cryptocurrency loans can provide more opportunities to various crypto investors, and will be backed by collateral of deposits, mutual funds, and institutions.

FUND SYSTEM :Unlisted cryptocurrency, well distributed cryptocurrency portfolios, global bonds, and real estate NPL’s are available on ABLE Project’s mutual funds.

SECURITY : ABLE Project will be served in AWS, including AWS’s security service. Crypto assets will be mainly stored in cold wallets, exceptions only made for online transactions. Uploading a small fraction of private key to AWS VPC(Virtual Private Cloud) is ABLE’s security policy.

- Cold wallet : offline wallet to store securely

- Hot wallet : online wallet to send and receive

PLATFORM ARCHITECTUREABLE Application : User can retrieve and utilize financial instruments through the ABLE Application. ABLE Application runs on both web and mobile UI.

ABLE Structure : Smart contracts including deposits, loans, mutual funds, and profit distributions can be designed on the ABLE Framework. Various smart contracts can be browsed and registered through the ABLE Application(Web/Mobile). ABLE API : ABLE system adopts the layered architecture, and permission levels will be determined according to each layer. Each layer and component can communicate via standard API’s. Pairs of API permission levels and users match Public

- User, Protected

- Administrator, Private

- System Developer.

ABLE Ethereum Infrastructure : Initially, ABLE Project will run on Ethereum, utilizing a cryptocurrency gateway and blockchain systems. ABLE Main Net will be launched to reinforce banking/fund/payment systems.

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