How We Review, Rate and Rank Token Sales

At ICO Ranker, we independently review and rate ICOs, STOs, IEOs and other token sales. We are journalists and analysts, not shills. We are committed to transparency above all, and that’s how we earned our reputation as the number-one source for reliable information about token sales. 

In our paid reviews, we leverage our expertise to consider and evaluate several factors pertaining to a project, and then assign numerical scores out of 10 in the categories of Feasibility, Team and Product. 

These are some of the more-detailed factors we consider when assigning those scores:

  • The Concept: Does it make sense? Is it well-explained and feasible with a thorough, accessible and updated white paper behind it? Does it seem like the team is focused on actively seeing the project through development, or is it more of an afterthought to the token sale?
  • Market Position & Potential: Does the project have a clear niche on the market that is not being filled by an existing platform? If it’s a busy market, does this project do something better?
  • Team: What is the extent of the executive team’s experience in the space? Is their past experience relevant to the project and does it complement that of other team members? Who is advising on the project and what are their credentials?
  • Roadmap & Projections: Does the roadmap seem reasonable for accomplishing stated goals in the given timeframe?
  • Token Sale: Do the numbers make sense? Does token allocation ratio for team members vs. public sale demonstrate an interest in rewarding the public and not just the team? Is KYC required? If not, should it be?

When you purchase a package, your ICO does not receive special treatment nor a free pass; rather, it guarantees you will receive an honest assessment of your project end-to-end. Premier sponsors have the opportunity to consult with our analysts, giving them the chance to correct any shortcomings with their sale.

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