Tron’s Big Week and the Implications

What to Know about what TRON (TRX) is doing this Week

Tron (TRX) is celebrating their Independence Day today. This is a funny notion for many who are not deeply invested in the cryptoworld, but the action underlying this celebration is important and could lead to crucial ramifications for other tokens.

So, to summarize, TRX has successfully migrated all users from the Ethereum blockchain to a proprietary one. This swap to the new mainnet positions Tron as a clear competitor to ETC. On top of this, TRX’s founder, Justin Sun, also purchased the file-sharing service, BitTorrent last week. Shares of Tron spiked after the move, even though it is not clear how Sun plans to use BitTorrent.

Despite this – and other concerns regarding Tron including allegations of plagiarism in its white paper – the coin wants to use blockchain to create an easy to use consumer experience. But, there are concerns about the actual code of Tron.

Lucas Nuzzi, director of research at Digital Asset Research, which recently analyzed Tron’s code, saidthe token suffers from issues like memory leakage, a problem related to the buffering of incoming blocks. Further, he explained that he believes these issues could be exacerbated in Tron’s protocol because it combines ethereumJ with other relatively new technologies (like the delegated proof-of-stake consensus mechanism (DPoS) in which various entities compete to act as transaction validators).

“The project has this history of repurposing technologies and gluing them together and calling it unique,” he told CoinDesk in an interview. “When you put all these things together, it is very unlikely that you’re not going to encounter severe failures.”

So, those on the technical side watching Tron believe a bumpy ride is ahead and that its new independence is shaky. Dean Zaremba, whose IT networking company Free Space is a Tron super representative candidate, echoed Nuzzi’s contention, though for different reasons (super representatives run nodes in the protocol in a bid to earn its rewards).

“It’s a new software being released to the wild, you can only test so much in a testing environment until the public gets their hands on it and you know, tries to crack it in different ways. You just never know.”

In interviews, Sun has downplayed the dependence on EthereumJ and even said changes have been made, but developers believe those were minuscule.

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