Zuenchain (ZUE) Token Sale ICO

Zuenchain (ZUE) Token Sale
Verified ICO

A total wellness blockchain platform

ICO Ended
2018-09-27 - 2018-09-30
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

Zuenchain (ZUE) Token Sale

The positioning of Zuen Chain is to build a trustworthy blockchain-based all-industry data exchange value network to enable free sharing and exchanging of data in a mutually trusting and highly efficient manner in each industry. This is to break the monopoly of data, prevent information isolation and make data provide high value for businesses and our lives.

Makes Total Wellness Accessible

Many of us suffer problems to total wellness which will continue to plague us as urbanisation accelerates. But most people tend to ignore this problem until it takes its toll on the body, and that is when they will seek medical help or consultation. This is too high a price to pay. Total wellness businesses involve a wide spectrum of services and products which are too scattered. When customers need treatment, they have to go to several places to get their total wellness problems solved. What we are facing is a social problem but there is currently no effective solution for it.

Token Sale Details

  • Price: 1 ZUE=0.60 USD (ICO)
  • Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH
  • Min sale: 150 USD
  • Total supply: 690,000,000
  • Soft cap: 3,000,000
  • Hard cap: 50,000,000
  • Platform: ERC20

Token Sale Rounds

  • ICO: 9/27-9/30

For more information on $ZUE tokenomics, download pdf here.


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Token Symbol: ZUE

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Coming Soon...

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