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ZGT, a new way to pay for InApp purchases, Social games and GamblingWith an experienced collection of professionals with background in finance, investment banking, technology,

ICO Ended
2018-06-25 - 2018-09-25
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

Our platform provides a virtual Ethereum virtual wallet to facilitate safe keeping and advanced security with specialized encryptions. The ZGT coin is specially tailored to provide multi-functional solutions across many platforms including in-app purchases.The main advantage of the platform is that Zigit requires no commission. Users from all over the world are provided with an opportunity to conduct transactions, while paying for their purchasing and saving their money.On the ZGT exchange, you can trade with other cryptocurrencies, while the users are also not charged with any commission, which positively affects the loyalty of brokers. Multilanguage of the system provides the users from around the world with comfort. The second positive quality is the presence of other popular coins on the platform. There are almost all cryptocurrencies, which are popular and strive for development. This allows you to quickly track the course of tokens and monitor the young coins outlook.


1. ZGT offers unbeatable security for all your cryptocurrency, gaming tokens and assets trading on our platform.

2. The ZGT coin allows users to remain anonymous and enjoy their games without having to input any personal information.

3. Our systems are developed to be infinitely scalable and can process and accurately manage millions of transactions in seconds.

4. ZGT coins are highly liquid and are redeemable or obtainable as money as soon as they are needed.

Cryptos Accepted: ETH, BTC, USDSoft cap : $ 3,000,000

Hard cap : $20,000,000

Number of total token issued: 1,000,000,000

Ico price of token : 1 ZGT = $0.05

Used blockchain (ethereum, omni, building a new one, other) : Ethereum

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