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ZAZA is a decentralized Business Platform and B2B network powered by Blockchain technology.

ICO Ended
06/15/2018 - 12/31/2018
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

Our mission is to provide a global business platform where companies are able to improve their business activity, achieve their business goals and create worldwide trustworthy partnerships. We aim to help companies create reliable, valuable and decentralized B2B connections.No barriers, no limits, one platform to unite them all!

”Our blockchain based platform will solve many problems that the B2B market is currently facing such as:

-Difficulties in finding deals

-Trust issues between potential and existing partners

-High cost of advertising

-Lack of transparency in B2B procedures.

This project will be one of the first in the industry and comes with 3 in 1 full-option platform. The platform will have 3 core functionalities :

1-Deal Generator – Publish and get deals in real time from a chosen categorized audience.

2-Trading Platform – Trade securely and fast through smart contracts.

3-B2B Network – Create trustworthy connections. Blockchain will add value by providing:

• Transparency of Business activity

• Unchangeable reviews and rating system

• Actual market reputation of a company

• Secured deals with unchangeable conditions

• Transparency of the Trading Process from one end to another.

TGE facts :

Total token supply : 1,000,000,000. 53 % will be available for the public sale , 8 % for TEAM , Advisors ,Developers . 12% for Founders , 25% dedicated to Platform, 2 % for Bounty.1 ZAZA = 0.07 $

Pre-ICO :STAGE 1: June 15 (12 pm GST) – June 30 (12 am GST ), 2018 STAGE 2: July 15 (12 pm GST) – July 31 (12 pm GST) , 2018 STAGE 3: August 15 (12 pm GST) – August 31 (12 pm GST), 2018 ICO : October-December, 2018

Accepted payments : BTC,BCH,ETH,XEM

Minimum Purchase : 1000 ZAZA

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