Yolo.exchange ICO

Verified ICO

The first ever instant approval KYC compliant verification exchange!

ICO Ended
2018-04-04 - 2018-07-01
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

We are completely disrupting the Cryptocurrency Trading Exchange market.
– Launching YoloShift application to our existing 18,000 YOLO member base.

– Launching Yolo.exchange over ICO

– Loyalty program for existing YOLO holders get their first 1000 transactions free on the exchange.

– Free token listings for cryptocurrency submissions. (Quality listings accepted)

– Bank integration for easy deposit and withdrawl using Paypal, Poli Payments, Bpay, BlueShyft, UnionBank for both PESO and AUD and other currencies to follow.

– Referral program to get 25% commissions on the fees generated on the exchange when referring new members.

– Safe and Secure transactions using the most up to date security features and integrations.

– And more.========= 120 Million for sale for ICO =========

* Pre-sale starting 4th of April20,000,000 YLX tokens (0 of 15,000 ETH raised)

* ICO launch starting 14th May100,000,000 YLX tokens (0 of 75,000 ETH raised)

– 1 YLX during pre-sale is 0.30 cents US- 1 YLX during ICO launch should be between $50 cents – $1

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