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XSEARCH offers a unique system with no intermediaries where all interactions are facilitated by the network.

ICO Ended
2018-04-20 - 2018-05-30
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

XSEARCH offers a unique system with no intermediaries. On the contrary, all interactions are facilitated by the network. Business will not have to pay to intermediary parties. Instead of that, it is possible to make personalized offers to consumers by using the decentralized application of XSEARCH. By using the ecosystem of XSEARCH, consumers can control over their data and choose whether to disclose their personal data or identity to retailers when their make their research. Consumers are paid compensations for viewing the targeted promotions of retailers. Users can control their privacy preferences.With XSE token you can buy ads and goods on our platform. It will take some time for the ecosystem to get true value and reach a considerable number of retailers and users. We are sure that early adopters of the retail platform are valuable. Peer-to-peer contracts are supported by the platform. This will provide value in the retail market bootstrapping and token value growth. Token name: Xsearch / XSEHard cap 17500 ETH (6 770 000 USD) Soft (min) cap 1000 ETH Total supply: 30 000 000Pre-ICO supply: 6500000ICO supply: 115000001XSE =0,001 ETHEthereum / ERC20Accepted currencies: Ethereum (ETH) Bonuses: Pre-ICO: 05.04 – 20.04 min. 0.5ETH ; max. 5000 purchasers; Whitelist BONUS: 05.04 – 20.04 : 30%(1300 XSE) min deposit 0.5ETH; Main ICO: 20.04 – 30.05 R1(20.04-26.04): +15% bonus; 1 ETH = 1150 XSE; min deposit 0.1ETH; R2(27.04-06.05): +10% bonus; 1 ETH = 1100 XSE; min deposit 0.1ETH; R3(07.05-15.05): +5% bonus; 1 ETH = 1050 XSE; min deposit 0.1ETH; R4(16.05-30.05): 0% bonus; 1 ETH = 1000 XSE; min deposit 0.1ETH;

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