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ICO Information: Country of Operation: SwitzerlandToken/Ticker: VOLPrice: 1 ETH = 5,000 VOLRestrictions: US, China or South KoreaPre ICO start and end date: July1-31stERC 20 Token1ETH

10 Weeks, 4 Day(s) Left
2018-08-29 - 2018-10-24
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Team: NYR
Feasability: NYR

ICO Information:

Country of Operation: Switzerland

Token/Ticker: VOL

Price: 1 ETH = 5,000 VOL

Restrictions: US, China or South Korea

Pre ICO start and end date: July1-31st

ERC 20 Token1ETH = 5,000 VOL

KYC & Whitelist YES

Will your token sale do KYC/AML? YES

Whitelist URL: https://volair.io/register/

Start Date: Now

End Date: August

When will the coins be distributed: One month after the main sale end

ICO Soft cap: N/AICO hard cap: $28,530,000

Accepted Currencies: ETH

ICO price: 1ETH=5,000 VOL


No, We dont, we will be based on Ethereum, which uses PoW (Proof of Work), using the Ethash algorithm

How much are you looking to raise: 25-50million (roughly 30 million)

ICO supply? Max Supply? Start bonus? Total token supply is 500m. Circulating supply will be 250m (50% sold through pre sale/

ICO sale: 15% pre/ 35% main)

The breakdown on bonuses are:5% (25m tokens) at 30% bonus, 10% (50m) at 15% bonus and the 35% at full price

Token Allocation

Founders – 15% – 75,000,000

Advisors – 5% – 25,000,000

Partnerships – 20% – 100,000,000

Pre Sale – 15% 75,000,000 Main Sale – 35% 175,000,000

On Boarding – 5% – 25,000,000

Open Source – 5% – 25,000,000

Budget Allocation Sales – 35%Development – 25% Marketing – 15% On Boarding – 15% Operation – 10%

Team information:

Ross Jones, CEO/Co-founder



Kristof Kowalski, Founder/CTO


Martin Laukkanen ,Co-Founder/SVP Engineering


Eliana Densow, Marketing/Community Manager


Ivan Brenko, Senior Blockchain Developer

Advisory Team:

Mohamed Munjed, Middle East Advisor


Troy Gibson, Aviation Tech Advisor


Nikolay Shkiley, Advisor


Phillip Nunn, Marketing Advisor



PhillipNunnUK Vladimir Nikitin, Advisor


Team URL:https://volair.io/#Team

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