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Viberate’s goal is to create a global marketplace for the live music industry by creating an Ethereum-based platform for booking musicians and selling tickets to

ICO Ended
2017-09-05 - 2017-10-05
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

Today’s live music ecosystem is dominated by large booking agencies and centralized ticketing platforms, making it difficult for the vast majority of artists and performers to gain exposure on a large scale. Only a small fraction of musicians are lucky enough to have agency representation, without which they are left to deal with marketing, sales, networking, legal, taxation, and debt collection issues instead of focusing on the creative aspects of their work. On the other side, event organizers find themselves constantly hunting for interesting acts to fill their lineup because making deals with musicians who don’t have proper representation can result in no-shows, poor performances, and problems with legally issuing payments. While Viberate plans to partner with talent agencies and ticketing vendors, their larger vision is to empower the long-tail of millions of unrepresented musicians around the world by creating a matchmaking platform that, according to the white paper, “any musician can join, regardless of genre, country, fame level, or gig history.” Musicians can use the platform for promotion and exposure, and event organizers will have a new resource for discovering acts and a decentralized escrow service for issuing payments through the Ethereum blockchain.

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