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UMKA is more than just a decentralized labor market. It is an efficient project implementation and a team-building tool based on the blockchain technology.

ICO Ended
2018-05-01 - 2018-08-01
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

UMKA is a comfortable space for cooperation between employers and contractors that offers a wide array of useful tools integrated into its system:

*digital passport;

*secure contracts using the unique Agile Smart Contracts technology;

*arbitration system;

*project groups for cooperation with groups of freelancers;

*GNMT — Google Neural Machine Translation integrated in UMKA’s chat;

*online courses from world’s leading universities;

*expert communities.

UMKA means financial safety for all users: all platform transactions use agile smart contracts based on blockchain technology. AgileSC offers an opportunity for stage-by-stage project payments and agreed-upon amendments while guaranteeing efficiency and convenience for all parties involved. UMKA takes a 1% commission from all transactions within the platform. It is the lowest commision on the freelance platform market to date. Funds, gathered this way will be distributed among UMK token holders.The UMK token is an ERC20 token issued on the Ethereum blockchain. UMKA will issue 180,000,000 tokens in one installment. We accept ETH, BTC.

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