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Description :Tag World Exchange platform is a crowd-lending platform allowing investors to invest funds in new companies using smart contracts powered by the Ethereum network.

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2018-02-03 - 2018-03-31
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Team: NYR
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Tag World Exchange platform is a crowd-lending platform allowing investors to invest funds in new companies using smart contracts powered by the Ethereum network. The platform will offers all available information related to each company (their web sites, their filings and any other pertinent information that will enable potential investors to learn about the contemplated offering).

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Website : www.twex.infoExchange

Website : www.twex.exchangeAbout

Tag World Exchange :We have created an innovative cryptocurrency crowd-lending platform that will help investors become more liquid. All crowd funding and crowd lending platforms enable users to invest their funds. But what happens when said investor needs cash because of life’s unforeseen reasons? They usually find themselves stranded and suddenly strapped for money. TWEX is a revolutionary cryptocurrency sold through an ICO. Your investment is lent to multi sizes companies. Each of them will pay to a common pot 1 % of their sales yearly. This common pot will be augmented by 30 % of all profits made by us – TAG World Exchange Platform. The total will then be divided by the total number of TWEX Tokens issued and paid to each TWEX owner.We are a team located all around the World with countless years of experience in the Corporate and Financial Worlds. Having witnessed first-hand all the pitfalls and problems encountered in fund raising for startups and small to mid sizes private companies we decided to create the TAG World Exchange – TWEX.We at Tag World Exchange (“TWEX”) have set our main goal as creating a unique ecosystem that will enable its users to buy, sell and/or trade their investments when they need it or wish it in a safe way!We offer our investors the possibility to strip and independently trade all of their investments. They can trade as a whole or partly the Smart Contract Capital (SCC) and or Smart Contract Profit Participation (SCPP). Trade one or two years while keeping the others or trade all of your position for one company or for all of the companies listed – all the while keeping the TWEX Tokens and enjoying its benefits and value!Tag World Exchange (“TWEX”) will be a disruptive platform driving change in crowd lending market in an innovative way by using Ethereum Protocol and some open source tools provided by Blockchain technology:

• Cryptocurrency “TWEX Token” to invest in registered companies and use dedicated services in TWEX platform such as (financial audit reports, social media marketing, IT support and legal documentation)

• Smart Contracts to manage automated execution of investments and profit’s conditions

• Sophisticated Hardware Wallet to secure the authentication and investment process of our usersKey Features & Unique Selling Proposition of Tag World ExchangeTag World Exchange platform is an Innovative crypto-currency based crowd-lending platform offering transparency and liquidity to the investors as well as the funded company.

1. TWEX Tokens are non-inflationary and are based on real world economies.

2. An e-Wallet connected to a hardware wallet (TWAL) provides maximum security for your investments. TWEX enables investors to have a clear view of their investments in a fraud free environment.

3. TWEX Platform abides by Anti Money Laundering (AML) policies to prohibit & actively prevent money laundering and any activity that facilitates money laundering or the funding of terrorist or criminal activities by complying with all applicable requirements under the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and its implementing regulations.

4. TWEX platform allows investors and companies to come on a single platform with investments done on a portfolio rather than a single company and so enables investors to manage risk accordingly.

5. The investor module allows investor with proper KYC to invest on the platform and trade further his smart contract and TWEX tokens.

6. The company module allows companies with proper credentials to get listed on the platform and raise funds to be used for company growth and thus increase revenue and profits.

7. TWEX Tokens can be acquired in Bitcoins, Ethereum’s, US Dollars, Euros, Swiss Francs, Australian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars and Pounds.

8. The trading module allows trading of TWEX tokens as well as the smart contracts. Value components of smart contracts may be traded individually.

9. Smart contracts based on block-chain technology enable investors to benefit from Capital Reimbursements and Profit Payments along-with receiving a part of the net Profit generated by the payment of all Funded Companies of 1% of their Gross Sales.10. Funded companies may trade or buy issued contracts on their behalf if so required, in so providing a maximum flexibility to funded companies.

Architecture Information of Tag World Exchange :

1. TWEX or Tag World Exchange Platform is an exchange platform created on three main pillars – TWEX Platform

b. TWEX Tokens

c. TWEX Hardware Wallet (TWAL)


2. TWEX is built on 12 main modules; the investor / investment module, the wallet opening module, the company registration, the company form, the company listing module, the trading module, the settings, the approval module, the reports module and the help, about us, AML & information module.

3. Investments are registered based on block-chain technologies with distributed ledger and smart contracts.

4. The system has a strong in built approval and reporting system bound by strong AML policies and with a guided help and videos.

5. Configuration settings provide flexibility and scalability to the system.

6. TWEX platform uses REST-full API Web Services with Apache server as the middleware and PHP for server side functionality and JavaScript used for the front-end functionality for better user experience and HTML, CSS for user interface development.

7. The AWS cloud has been integrated as a container which facilitates storing and retrieving any amount of data from anywhere – web sites and mobile apps, corporate applications, and data from IoT sensors or devices.

8. The platform has been built with a futuristic view of hosting the same on an open-source infrastructure and containerized environment to impart a robust, secured and scalable

9. Tokens are ERC20 based which defines a set of rules which need to be met in order for a token to be accepted.

10. TWEX Hardware Wallet (TWAL) security device named the TWAL to be used by users in order to access offline and risk free their wallets/accounts held on the platform.

Technical Information of Tag World Exchange: TWEX or Tag World Exchange is an innovative crypto-currency based exchange platform built on 11 main modules; the investor / investment module, the wallet opening module, the company registration, the company form, the company listing module, the trading module, the settings, the approval module, the reports module and the help, about us, AML & information module.

1. About Us & AML Policy Module – The about us module lists all the board members, legal team and the advisors to the board with their credentials. The AML Policy section talks about the company AML policy.

2. Investor Module – Here an investor can register himself with a basic background check done with the KYC Form filling. In case of investments to the tune of 4500 Euro the approval is instant while for funds invested more than 4500 Euro go through a detailed background check in terms of passport and address proof verification to ascertain that AML or anti-money laundering requirements/ policy of the company. Information captured are the basic information, contact details and address details. Once registered, the investor gets an email with his login credentials.

3. Wallet Opening Module – Once the KYC is approved of the investor or otherwise, the investor can login with his userid (email) and password is allowed to open his e-wallet on the platform allowing him to invest in TWEX tokens on the platform. He can buy TWEX tokens using other crypto-currencies like Ether and Bitcoin or fiat currencies like USD, Sterling Pound, Swiss Franc, Australia Dollar, New Zealand Dollar and Euros.Once invested by making deposits in the provided TWEX Etherium or Bitcoin addresses, investor’s investments are confirmed onto the platform. Investor would be assigned a Wallet ID and all investments would be shown in TWEX tokens. Investor can see and print his account statement from the platform as well as can make additional investments using the “Order & Status” section. There is no limit to investments.

4. Company Registration Module – Here companies who want to get listed onto the TWEX platform. The company registration on the TWEX platform captures the basic information like logo, company name, date of incorporation, type of company (proprietary, private, public, etc.), Industry, Project name, Net worth, amount to be raised on the platform, the corporate jurisdiction and location of the company. Apart from that it captures the contact details and the address both registered and corporate.

5. Company Form – This module captures detailed information about the company to be listed. The company form is in two parts; the document upload part and the form filling part.

We request all of our clients receiving TWEX derived funds to post:

1. A video presentation of their company

2. A video presentation of their products

3. Bio-data of all officers of the company

4. Their Story and their journey

5. Future ExpectationThe company documentation that needs to be uploaded are:

• Executive Summary

• Corporate Presentation

• Whitepaper/ Business Plan

• Prospectus

• Competent persons’ report (if there and required based on business)

• Independent company valuation report

• Latest audited financials

• Risk factors

• Shareholding and shareholders’ detailsThe company form filling part involves various sections with their own questionnaire.

The sections to be filled up are:

• Business details

• Financial details

• Legal details

• Marketing detailsWhat we check doing so is primarily three things

1. If the company has a sound background

2. Willing to get listed on the crypto-currency platform and raise funds through ICO

3. Willing to pay the platform list fees and others as applicable.Once registered and form filled with the necessary documentation, the whole information goes to the legal team for scrutiny. The legal team can check the records of the company and then give its comments and approval or rejection with reasons. On approval by the legal team it goes for a final review with the board members. The board member has the final authority on approval. Once approved board, the company gets listed.

6. Company listing module – This module is embedded in various section. The fee for listing is captured during the last section of company registration. If the company has paid the listing and account review fees (mandatory) and meets all terms and conditions of the system, the company is shown listed on the platform under the Project Listing section.Also the symbols & values sections shows the smart contract details listed for each company like the symbol, the smart contact values and the tenure to mature.

7. Trading module – The trading module comes to play once the fund-raising process is completed. The funds raised are now allocated by the TWEX platform to various projects listed on the platform. Smart contracts are drawn up for capital repayment and profit participation for the investors. The trading module allows trading of:1. TWEX tokens2. SMART contracts3. The TWEX tokens are traded similar to the crypto-currency and the value of tokens changes as per the movement on the exchange. This is connected with the performance of the SMART contracts. SMART contracts too are traded with movement guided by NPV of the SMART contract. A SMART contract NPV calculator has been provided to guide investors’ make the decision for BUY or SELL. A complete BUY-SELL-TRANSFER-SETTLEMENT process has been incorporated in the trading module. Note – Trading module is in testing phase and can be checked on the website.

8. Settings module – The settings module allows the platform to be configured as per the requirement. Adding a new value to any options in a list box is possible by configuring the setting here. This enables flexibility as well as scalability of the existing system. The following settings are available:

• Industry settings

• Company Type settings

• Currency settings

• Fees/ Commission

• Lot Size Settings

• Discount Percent

• Trading Market

9. Approval module – The approval module has three types of uses, the admin, the legal team and the board. The admin is responsible to set the smart contract information like the symbol, the tenure of Smart Contract and its value. The legal team is responsible for approval of the company information and enable the board to take a decision on whether to approve for listing. An internal approval process by the legal and the board sequentially enables the system to be robust in its decision. The board team is the final approver of any decisions made on listing a company or allowing an investor to invest on the platform.

10. Reports module – The reports module allows reporting of the investor list, the company list, the symbol and smart contract list and so on. This is as well spread across various modules and has facilities to download the report as pdf or even print it.

11. Help and information module – The information module is embedded in each section. Every section is guided with proper information and notes on terms and conditions.The Help module comprises of two parts –

1. The system user guide – a step by step document on each module

2. The video guide – wherein there are guided videos for each module, be it marketing or the system itself.

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