Tuk Tuk Pass (TTP-A) Token Sale ICO

Tuk Tuk Pass (TTP-A) Token Sale
Verified ICO

Social travel platform for booking and sharing travel experiences around the world

ICO Ended
2018-09-01 - 2018-11-30
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

Tuk Tuk Pass (TTP-A) Token Sale

Tuk Tuk Pass is a social travel platform that uses a combination of machine learning and user-generated content to provide travelers with a one-stop service for booking and sharing travel experiences. We are a hybrid between an online travel agent and social networking platform for travelers, powered by a new cryptocurrency created for the exchange of travel services and local insights.

Seamless, Machine-Learning Travel Planning Experience

When looking at current options for online travel agency sites, there are three major considerations:

  • Advertising/Pricing
  • Information curation
  • Bookings

The competition among these agencies drives up the price of advertising. Insofar as information curation, not many agencies focus on optimizing user experience. And, there is no site that helps travelers seamlessly book an entire itinerary.

Utilizing our information query algorithm and machine learning, our platform will recommend curated restaurants, tours, and other services, based on customers’ destination, proximity to accommodation, and past purchases. Coupled with the Smart Concierge, our service point is located where travelers often make inquiries on travel services and can further assist potential users leading to app downloads. People can make purchase decisions without ever having to leave the platform.

Token Sale Details

  • Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC
  • Price: 1 TTP-A=approximately 1 USD
  • Total supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Available tokens: 700,000,000 TTP-A (70%)
  • Hard cap: 70,000,000 TTP-A
  • ICO Restrictions: USA
  • Standard: ECR20

     Token Sale Rounds

  • General sale: ongoing
  • General sale ends: 11/30
  • KYC/AML required: In accordance with country’s laws

For more information on $TTP-A tokenomics, download the pdf here.

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Token Symbol: TTP-A

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