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TIM is a 2 layer blockchain made of GPS powered 1-hop nodes over a novel blockchain.

ICO Ended
2018-03-12 - 2018-03-24
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

What is TIM?

The blockchain works by a special PoB consensus mechanism. With an underlying sublayer of distributed DAGs(graphs), the global blockchain achieves high transaction rates. The graph layer pools 100 M transactions/s into blockchain with a kilobyte sized blocks.

The nodes mine the consensus and perform transaction pooling by geo-mining protocol, using 1-hop directionality to search nearest neighbors and newer information(transactions).Thus the enablement cost of TIM network is zero, which means that no additional energy is burnt for security and decentralization is not compromised to achieve high performance.50% of tokens available during ICO, 10% for team (9%) locked for 3 years and 40% for impact investment locked for 3 years.Payment Accepted: ETH, BTC, Paypal

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