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We at Tcoin Network are solely here with the motto of providing the best in class user experience, to the people, by the people.

ICO Ended
2018-06-18 - 2018-10-31
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

All the community members get an opportunity to submit a unique idea, get maximum votes on the idea submitted and have the idea implemented by the community. Not to forget, core of the technology should remain intact. Developers in our team are creating an application such as P2P Tcoin Network system, in order to allow people to store their tokens.

Why are we here?

The world is going digital and every company which is a part of this digital ecosystem is striving hard to build its name in the competitive digital environment by implementing ideas which are unique in nature, yet failing to meet expectations of those who anticipate personal/organization growth. It is for this reason, Tcoin Network is developed to build bridge between people and blockchain technology.

What is the whole idea ?

The idea is to give direction to blockchain world as well as people involved. Depending on how well the community members reciprocate to the idea and are in concurrence to have it implemented, Tcoin Network will provide a platform to execute the idea in a live environment, where people with the idea and developer community both will be rewarded.

Do we have the idea portal ready ?

Yes, we are up and running. The link to our portal is mentioned in the footer below – Click on Idea Submission. As the page is currently undergoing major design transformation, the look and feel will soon be unveiled.

Who can view the idea ?

The whole world can view the idea and give the feedback, votes, comments etc.

Who will implement the idea ?

It is essential for the blockchain industry to stick to its roots and get rid of the extensive desire to acquire only monetary gains and shift focus towards society as a whole. Tcoin Network considers this as a true success.

It all starts with generating unique ideas and getting maximum appreciation by the community. Ideas can be submitted by anyone and everyone, viz-a-viz, a group of companies, single company, a group of developers connected with our community or may be even us.

Who will reward people with idea ?

Tokens will be distributed in the form of reward. The category of reward can differ based on the potential of the idea and also the person behind implementation of the idea. Since it is a Tcoin Network community, the community too has the potential to reward the idea.

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