Stein Coin (STCN) Token Sale ICO

Stein Coin (STCN) Token Sale
Verified ICO

A revolutionary decentralized coin improving the New Ecological Blockchain Generation

ICO Ended
2018-10-18 - 2018-12-18
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

Stein Coin (STCN) Token Sale

Stein Coin is a new ecological blockchain replacing traditional payment methods—it offers better ways to pay for goods and services with low fees and easy mobile connectedness. Stein Coin also allows for instant, anonymous transactions. Stein Coin reduces commissions because it removes the middleman, allowing for improved P2P transactions. Using Stein Coin eliminates all indirect links between advertisers and publishers, by applying smart contracts for all types of tracking, thereby increasing the economic efficiency of cooperation.

Addresses Cryptocurrency Problems

Cryptocurrency users currently face a number of potential hurdles, including:

  • Scams
  • Transaction cost
  • Network size
  • Security
  • Cryptocurrency mining
  • Transaction speed

Stein Coin eliminates these problems with faster, more private transactions; protocol to make sure miners only use clean energy; low fees; a multi-cryptocurrency wallet; and divisible chains.

Token Sale Details

  • Accepted: ETH, BTC
  • Token price: 0.2 USD
  • Available tokens: 243,000,000
  • Soft cap: 650,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 25,000,000

    Token Sale Rounds

  • Pre-sale starts: 10/18
  • Pre-sale ends: 12/18
  • General sale starts: 12/22
  • General sale ends: 2/25/19

For more information on $STCN tokenomics, download the pdf here.



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Token Symbol: STCN

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