Soar (SKYM) Token Sale ICO

Soar (SKYM) Token Sale
Verified ICO

Decentralized platform for high-quality drone content that connects customers with content creators

ICO Ended
2018-11-19 - 2018-12-03
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

About Soar (SKYM) Token Sale & Project

The global commercial drone market is predicted to reach the billions by 2020 and Soar seeks to be the platform of choice for drone mapping on the blockchain. The first stage of the implementation of Soar will be the creation of a marketplace for drone content including still images, video, aerial maps and other specialist drone content.

Creates Self-governing Mapping Ecosystem

The Soar marketplace will allow drone operators to upload and sell content to other Soar users anywhere in the world and has the potential to create an exponential increase in the value of mapping data and drone content by realizing the untapped financial potential of existing drone content. By aggregating the content collected from thousands of drone operators, Soar will also create a dynamic, self-governing mapping ecosystem to create the world’s first super-map protocol.

$SKYM Token Sale Details

  • Price: 1 SKYM=0.20 USD
  • Hard cap: 20,250,000 USD
  • Total tokens: 350,000,000 SKYM
  • Tokens available for pre- & public sale: 130,000,000 SKYM
  • Token type: ERC20

$SKYM Token Sale Rounds

  • Whitelist: yes
  • KYC required: yes

For more information on $SKYM tokenomics, download whitepaper pdf here.

Token Symbol: SKYM

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Coming Soon...

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