SilkChain ICO

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SilkChain is the first blockchain project dedicated to improving international trade.

ICO Starts in 3 Day(s)
2018-07-11 - 2018-07-30
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Team: NYR
Feasability: NYR

For its fundraising, the project has gathered the most influential members and participants. The project has gathered world leading business groups, trading companies, e-commerce companies, logistics, warehousing and finance companies from around the world. The participants involved firmly believe in the mutually beneficial, mutually trusting principal of the project. The members are committed to transform their respective centralized systems to a decentralized, open, transparent, trusted ecosystem. We are united around the goal of sharing more resources, and profits to create a bigger, and more efficient market to improve the long term sustainability of global trade.

BONUS: Purchase above 24000 SILK can have 7.5% Bonus for reward during Pre-ICO date

Pre ICO: 6.7-7.10

ICO Date: 7.11-7.30


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Coming Soon...

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