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What is Sentigraph? Sentigraph is a system that provides predictive insights aimed at improving future events based on emotion data obtained by analyzing users’ reactions

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2018-08-31 - 2018-10-01
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

A suitable use case is analyzing twitter hashtags using IBM Watson and an algorithm to compute the graph index, gi. The gi is an index that signifies the strength or pulse of the users’ reactions (subscribers) in a given network, which also invariably determines the sustainability of that event or initiative. The gi informs the organization or individual about the viability of their events (represented by a hashtag). The system can analyze equity markets, various review systems, social media, politics, healthcare, and national security via related twitter hashtags.Tokens (EMOT) are used on the Sentigraph platform to compute the Graph Index, gi, of present and/or future events for users (Twitter hashtags is the current use case). The gi, represents the sentiment score of a given crowd network or community towards a given event or initiative. EMOT is also used to incentivize players to predict the sentiment direction of a hashtag in the Emotion Volatility Prediction (EVP) offering.

What Problem does Sentigraph Solve?

There have been quite a number of methods by which decision makers have made strategic decisions that periodically impact their businesses or objectives such as analyzing surveys, polling, forecasted returns, review/ratings systems etc. However, a key value would be to have quantifiable information about how customers, clients, audience, electoral base and subscribers/followers feel about them. This extra sentiment parameter, if known, can provide useful insights and play a huge role in understanding the sustainability of a chosen strategy. The main objective of Sentigraph is to globally improve the outcomes of all future events.

Why Blockchain?

The blockchian offers quite a number of merits over traditional database in the areas of immutability, lower costs, transparency, accountability, security and many more. Sentigraph leverages these attributes by virtue of having its logic located on the Ethereum blockchain. Sentigraph users can trust that the computation of the Graph Index, which depicts the strength of the hashtag or event, is not owned and manipulated by any central authority. The problem with most decentralized dapps is that they decouple the actual logic from the smart contract and only leverage the blockchain to store state, which is antithetical to DAO philosophy! Thus, anyone can have complete visibility into the Smart Contract which also holds our algorithm. The Graph Index data will be securely encrypted and stored in the blockchain.

What is EMOT?

The first blockchain token (smart contract) that enables the calculation of the Graph Index. EMOT is also used by EVP players to predict the sentiment outcome of a hashtag; the smart contract then uses it to incentivize EVP Vault within the platform, and any expended EMOT is recycled to the Vault.

How does Sentigraph Work?

The platform sends twitter hashtag sentiment data computed by IBM Watson – Tone Analyzer API to a smart contract that computes the Graph Index using a unique algorithm. The Graph Index, being private to the user, will be securely encrypted and stored in the blockchain. Following this process, the smart contract coordinates the EVP game by providing an opening and closing gi for a list of 5 trending hashtags daily. Players are allowed to predict the gi direction (△gi) and win a specified amount of EMOT.

The big picture

Sentigraph intends to play major roles in researching Augmented Intelligence, Data Science and Gene Sentiment Analysis, and using the findings in implementing precognition systems, genetic hacking and cancer eradication, smart cities, more valuable education, and a happier planet. Again, our mission is to smartly improve the cumulative outcomes of all global events.

Why support Sentigraph?

Sentigraph is project that ultimately aims to improve our future by providing decision makers, strategy experts, leaders and managers to embark on those decisions, events and initiatives that are cherished by their network, followers and subscribers. Our culture is one of also improving human lives by leveraging cognitive intelligence and ensuring that our emotions play a huge role in global decisions made today, and if this is factored in, has positively disruptive effects such as can lead to crime prediction/prevention, improvement of global/national security, and even Cancer research due to the exploration of gene sentiments. Since we have an outstanding prototype, which showcases the possibilities and capabilities of our intended offerings, we are hopeful to capture the interests of big players in the cognitive, data science/ML, Sports, and healthcare industries such as IBM, Twitter, Twitch, Barclays Premier League, FIFA, NBA, Major medical research and rehabilitation centers etc.

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Crowdfunding and Tokenometrics:1 ETH = 28, 000 EMOT

Total token supply: 1,000,000,000 (1 billion)

Token available for sale: 60% (600,000,000)

Tokens accepted for contribution: ETH, BTC, LTC, KICK

Restricted nationalities/regions: USA/China/Singapore

Type of token: Utility – used for computation of Graph Index, used for EVP gaming

Associated blockchain: Ethereum (ERC20)Prototype: (centralized version showing hashtag analysis use case)

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Company location:Cayman Island


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