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Project Aiur
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At Project Aiur we aim to democratize science, disrupt research system incentives, and improve scientific content, making it more transparent, accountable and widespread in society.

11 Weeks, 6 Day(s) Left
2018-09-04 - 2018-10-31
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Team: NYR
Feasability: NYR

Current problems faced by the scientific community and the users of scientific content today include:

(1) information overload;

(2) access barriers;

(3) reproducibility issues;

(4) built-in biases; and,

(5) incentive misalignment.

Project Aiur of will initiate a decentralized community of researchers, coders, and anyone interested in science that will work to address the problems outlined above. We will collaborate to build what we call a “Knowledge Validation Engine” based on artificial intelligence technology – a machine where we can take a piece of research and have it checked up against all other research in the world. This means we will over time build a massive collection of research that has been validated. Members of the community will be rewarded for their contributions – of code, quality assurance, training data or research publications – with tokens, that can be used to access third party services built on top of Project Aiur. Creating a fully fledged economy with well aligned incentives will enable the uprooting of an industry which today is hindering scientific progress. AIUR is a new utility token enabling the world of accessible, validated, reproducible science.

Token details:

– Token symbol: AIUR

– Scheduled start of public token sale: September 4th, 2018

– Token platform: Ethereum, ERC20

– Token fundraising target amount: 10,000,000 EUR

– Accepted currency: ETH

– 75% of the amount raised will belong to the community, and will be released subject to development milestones – to anyone who achieves them, subject to community scrutiny. The remaining 25% will be allocated to for the planning and initial execution of the project.


– No investors from the US, People’s Republic of China, South Korea, Iran, Republic of Singapore or Canada

– No one entity holding more than 2% of the total pool

– Investments over a certain threshold require identity checks

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