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The token of PCHAIN is PAI. The function of PAI in PCHAIN the gas for smart contract, which is same with the function of ETH

ICO Ended
2018-05-28 - 2018-05-28
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

PCHAIN can be applied to many scenarios based on smart contracts: Distributed artificial intelligence, distributed question and answer, big data transaction.

Digital asset transaction – provide reliable records of digital asset transactions.Digital assets include digitized certificate of asset, or they are digital network virtual assets (various game props, token, etc.)Smart contracts can record every operation such as login, transfer and sale in blockchain. These records are open and transparent to all participants which offer convenience for censorship.

Game – Set rules for the game to prohibit cheating

Here are mainly refers to the games of chance. After the rules are established, the game process and the results will be carried out strictly in accordance with the rules, thus avoiding the artificial influence on the results. (e.g. the lottery game and the dice game)Notary system – Provide a promise with a basis that cannot be tampered with.In the notary system, the authenticity of the basis is very important. There won’t be any question on the authenticity of the basis if it’s recorded in the blockchain.

Trace sociality – record all the words that have been said. Most of the existing social records will be cleared after a long time. There are also some social scenes that support the way of ‘burn after reading’. However, as for some serious talk, we may want to store them forever and view them whenever we want, which can be achieved with the smart contract combined with blockchain. Full-cycle collaboration system – it works on the whole process, from planting, harvest to entering market.This system tracks the whole Green ecological chain, from farming, to slaughter, to transportation and finally to sales. In the field of logistics supply chain, the whole process will also be tracked from product production to transportation to shelf and finally to consumers’ hands. These full – cycle collaboration systems enable the participants in each part to share data and increase collaboration and trust in them.

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