Paymon ICO

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aymon is a blockchain platform that connect all market participants through new scalable blockchain - Hive.

ICO Ended
2018-02-02 - 2018-03-05
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

P Paymon suggests its own view of standard Blockchain, introducing ways of dealing with most issues of existing cryptocurrencies: the scaling problem, archaic architecture, low speed, and high transaction fees. Our new blockchain Hive improves all cryptocurrency instruments: from technology and infrastructure to regulatory compliance with current regulations.Business platform Profit, developed under our project, will be a universal solution for everyone: from developers and basic users to commercial organizations and ICO projects.Moreover, the project is a great investment opportunity in virtue of its tokens. Our team has currently created a blockchain messenger, which allows its users to safely and easily send each other not only messages, but also cryptocurrency.

Paymon token – PMNT.

1 PMNT = 0.015 $7% bonus

– 02.02.18

– 07.02.18 5% bonus

– 08.02.18

– 14.02.18 3% bonus

– 15.02.18 – 21.02.18 0% bonus

– 22.02.18 – 05.03.18Token:85%

– ICO sale7%

– Advisors and media5%

– Team3%

– Bounty

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Coming Soon...

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